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Chapter 1519: Decisive Battle (11)

Under the joint appeasement of the commanders of the four countries, the frightened soldiers finally calmed down.

They began to organize their troops to fight against the demons that surged up the ground.

However, just as they mustered up the courage to fight against the demons, tens of thousands of elegant advanced-ranked demons in light armor suddenly appeared behind the demon army.

Their pair of purple eyes almost instantly crushed the confidence the soldiers had just built up.

There were more than ten thousand advanced-ranked demons comparable to Second-Class Experts!

This was equal to the number of advanced-ranked demons that the four-nation alliance had eradicated in history!

“Where did so many advanced-ranked demons come from Dont tell me Shen Yanxiao has recruited all the advanced-ranked demons in the Forsaken Land!” Elder Wen widened his eyes and began to wonder if he was dreaming.

The soldiers turned pale.

They did not want to fight against more than ten thousand Second-Class experts!

The morale of the four-nation alliance was once again suppressed, while the morale of the demons was extremely high!

The Sage from the Broken Star Palace frowned.

He could clearly sense the fear of the soldiers from the four-nation alliance.

Even Jiang Wan and the other four commanders were panicking.

That was not what the Broken Star Palace wanted.

All of a sudden, the Sage shouted with his thick battle aura, “Soldiers! The demons before you are the culprits for harming countless of our compatriots.

The war this time was started because of the traitor Shen Yanxiao, who colluded with demons! You can be afraid and retreat, but every step you take today is to give the land behind you to the demons! Have you forgotten how many of our compatriots were killed by those demons after the war between the gods and the devils Do you hope that your parents and brothers will also be harmed by the demons Right now, Shen Yanxiao colluded with demons to occupy the Forsaken Land.

In the future, those demons will attack your country, burn your houses, and feed on the flesh and blood of your family!”

The Sages voice reached the ears of every soldier.

His provocative words were like a shot of stimulant that dispelled their thoughts of escaping.

They could disregard themselves, but they could not disregard their families.

Looking at the savage appearance of the demons, they increasingly believed that the Sages words would happen in the future!

Looking at the morale of the soldiers suddenly soaring, Shi Heng and Jiang Wan frowned.

They were well aware of the reason for the attack on the Forsaken Land.

Under Shen Yanxiaos governance, no more such incidents had occurred again.

However, the soldiers were unaware of this.

They only listened to their superiors.

In their eyes, Shen Yanxiao was a traitor who colluded with demons!

“The Broken Star Palaces ability to bewitch people is beyond our reach.” Shi Heng looked at Jiang Wan with a bitter smile.

Jiang Wan frowned and shook his head.

“Right now, these words have the effect of boosting morale.

In the face of war, sometimes we need to resort to underhanded means.” Even though they knew the truth, they had already come to this step for the sake of benefits.

In order to cover up a lie, they had no choice but to tell countless lies.

The soldiers of the four-nation alliance let out an earth-shattering roar and rushed toward the demons with their magical beasts.

They forgot about their fear and panic.

Under the instigation of the Sage from the Broken Star Palace, they believed that these demons were demons that ate humans!

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