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Chapter 1520: Decisive Battle (12)

“Tsk tsk, I hate how hypocritical humans are.” Freud narrowed his eyes as he looked at the morale of the human soldiers soaring.

The Sages words had fallen into their ears without missing a single word.

Using humans as food

Ever since they surrendered to Shen Yanxiao, they had not eaten a single bite of human flesh.

The dark elements in various cities had brought them a large amount of nutrients.

Unless they were crazy, they would not eat humans.

Everyone in the Forsaken Land knew about this.

However, in the mouth of a Sage, they had become demons that would eat humans at will.

“There are many hypocrites among humans.

Otherwise, we would not have fought today.” Enchantress was wearing tight-fitting purple light armor, which accentuated her graceful posture and heroic bearing.

Humans hated the cruelty of demons, but how could demons not hate the hypocrisy of humans

“If they want to fight, lets fight.

Were not afraid of them!” Qiao Chu, a belligerent man, snorted.

“Its time for these foolish humans to witness the fruits of Lord Xius labor.

We cannot disgrace Lord Xiu.” Jia He rubbed his palms as he prepared for a fight.

“Thats right! For the lord! For Lord Xiu! Everyone, slaughter these hypocrites!” Freud laughed and ordered all the demons to swarm forward.

The battle between humans and demons had once again erupted hundreds of years later.

But this time, people would rewrite their understanding of demons!

In front of a regular army, not only did the demons not reveal the slightest bit of chaos, instead they were even more orderly than the soldiers they were facing!

All the demons cooperated with each other to fight against the soldiers in front of them.

The intermediate-ranked demons relied on their tough scales and strong physiques to be the vanguard.

They attacked the four-nation alliance in a frenzy while the low-ranked demons followed behind the intermediate-ranked demons and wantonly slaughtered the soldiers that were knocked away.

The advanced-ranked demons were at the rear.

Their long-range attacks were comparable to Magus, and all of their attacks were aimed at the priests of the four countries.

When they noticed the demons formation, the four commanders immediately ordered the knights with powerful defense to protect the Priests present.

Without a Priest, their casualties would be even higher.

However, the demons would not give them such an opportunity.

Freud had snuck into the army of the four-nation alliance with all the advanced-ranked demons and locked his sights on those fragile Priests!

The speed of advanced-ranked demons was not something a soldier could stop.

With their powerful attacks, they could bypass the Knights and kill the Priests with one blow!

“Why is the cooperation between these demons… better than our soldiers” Shi Hengs jaw dropped to the ground.

He had never seen any demons who could cooperate so seamlessly.

How were they demons They were basically a well-trained and powerful army!

“Could it be that they are those demons Shen Yanxiao trained” Jiang Wan narrowed his eyes.

As a general of the Longxuan Empire, he could not help but sigh at the cooperation between those demons.

This kind of quality was definitely nurtured.

However, Jiang Wan honestly questioned himself.

Even he himself could not have trained the demons to such a harmonious state.

Not only him, but he believed that there was no one in the Brilliance Continent who could train their army to such perfection!

If it was really Shen Yanxiaos training that caused them to be like this, then her achievements in the military would absolutely exceed all the generals in the Brilliance Continent!

This was simply too terrifying!

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