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Chapter 1521: Decisive Battle (13)

Demons with good teamwork were simply a nightmare.

The armies of the four-nation alliance were instantly broken apart by the demons from the central position.

Although the soldiers had rekindled their fighting spirit under the Sages instigation, the demons assault was more terrifying than they had expected.

The war between Sun Never Sets and the four-nation alliance had begun.

Countless demons and human soldiers faced off against each other.

Roars rose and fell!

This was an earth-shattering battle.

Demons were not afraid of death as they attacked the invading enemies, and the humans were fighting to protect their homes.

Both sides held onto their beliefs and refused to back down.

After the four-nation alliance integrated, the demons were engaged in a bitter fight.

No matter how powerful their fighting strength was, they were faced with an enemy several times their numbers.

Besides, other than those soldiers, those summoned magical beasts had also dealt them a fatal blow.

The numbers advantage soon revealed some results.

The low-ranked demons fell one by one.

Purple blood mixed with bright red blood soaked the land.

Freud led a group of advanced-ranked demons to fight a bloody battle.

They could no longer remember how many soldiers they had torn apart with their hands.

They even could not remember how many of their kind had fallen by their side.

“Have all Magus and Archers lock their sights on those advanced-ranked demons! Their fighting strength is too strong.

If this continues, we will only suffer more casualties!” Jiang Wan immediately gave orders to his subordinates.

In an instant, dense rain of magic spells and arrows bombarded Freud and the other advanced-ranked demons!

No matter how powerful advanced-ranked demons were, they could not withstand the combined attacks of hundreds of thousands of Magus and Archers!

Explosive magic spells exploded on their bodies, causing deep wounds.

Purple blood soaked their clothes, but they were like devils that crawled out from hell.

They did not flinch as they continued to mercilessly kill the enemies around them.

A high-level demon was attacked by dozens of Magus at the same time.

He wanted to break out of the encirclement but was blocked by the knight with the heavy shield.

A large-scale magic spell suddenly fell from above his head.

Knowing that he was incapable of escaping, he looked up at the sky and released a mournful roar.

He gritted his teeth and used his hands to pierce through the heavy shields of the two knights, directly piercing through their chests!

When the large-scale magic spell landed, there was only a huge pool of blood on the ground!

Such a tragedy had happened countless times on this land.

The number of low-ranked demons decreased sharply.

Even though the intermediate-ranked demons had rough skin and thick flesh, they could not withstand such a crazy attack.

Their bodies were filled with arrows, and blood dripped to their feet with every step they took.


The dying intermediate-ranked demon released its last roar.

One of them broke away from the cover of its comrades and dragged its weak body to crash into the soldiers in front of it.

The sharp swords in the soldiers hands pierced through the demons flesh, but it was still unable to stop the demons frenzied attack.

The impact and rolling of the demons massive body caused dozens of souls to fall into hell.

Blood and tears intertwined.

The demons used their lives to declare their loyalty to Sun Never Sets!

With a loud bang, the protective shield that had been continuously bombarded for half a day finally shattered.

Now, the assault of the four-nation alliance could directly reach Sun Never Sets!

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