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Chapter 1522: Decisive Battle (14)

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Once the protective shield was broken, the four-nation alliance could lock their long-range attacks on the city walls.

Once the walls of Sun Never Sets were damaged, everything would come to an end.

After half a day of fighting, there were not many siege weapons left in the four-nation alliance.

If they wanted to destroy the city walls, they would have to wait for reinforcements.

This was also the last chance for Sun Never Sets to launch a counterattack.

Once a new batch of siege weapons from the four-nation alliance arrived, Sun Never Sets would not be safe.

In the alliance of the four countries, the demons were fighting a bloody battle.

The battle in the Sun Never Sets had reached its climax.

After Vermilion Bird consumed the fruit of the Tree of Life, his injuries were greatly healed and his condition was even better than before.

Qilin, Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird were the same five ancient spirit beasts, and the cooperation between them had reached the peak.

They cooperated with the two-headed phantom dragon to fight against the enemies in the sky.

A large number of casualties had occurred on both sides, and the losses in Sun Never Sets were especially severe.

Almost all the low-level magical beasts were killed!

Corpses of flying magical beasts fell from the sky one after another, making people tremble with fear.

With the protective shield broken, the people on the city walls were no longer safe.

They had no choice but to retreat from the city walls.

Without the support of the ground, Shen Yanxiao and the rest were in a bitter fight.

“Brothers, its time for us to fight!” Du Lang stood in front of the gate and looked at the mercenaries who had followed him through life and death situations for many years.

The armies of the four alliances were attacking Sun Never Sets, and there was not much ammunition left for the cannons.

Right now, they could only rely on their own strength to stop the enemy outside the city.

“At first, we came to the Forsaken Land only because of the Lords hire.

But ask yourselves honestly, during your time here, have you regarded Sun Never Sets as your home Right now, the enemy is outside the city.

If you are not cowards, follow me and kill your way out! Those who cherish their lives, get lost immediately!” Du Lang shouted.

“Boss, even if you want to chase us away, we will not leave.

With Sun Never Sets here, we will live.

If Sun Never Sets is destroyed, we will die! We are willing to protect the safety of Sun Never Sets with our bodies!” Evil Wolf shouted.

Behind him, none of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group members took a step back.

Even if they knew that they would have to face tens of thousands of enemies the moment they left the city, they would not take a step back.

“Good! Dont let down the Lords expectations of us and dont let our magical beasts go to waste! Brothers, lets kill our way out!” Du Lang tied the sharp sword in his hand with bandages.

As long as his hand did not stop, his sword would not be lowered!

All the Knights and Swordsmen of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group made the same choice as Du Lang.

Those who stood behind the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had also copied their charge.

With a heavy sound, the city gates were finally opened.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group rode on their high-level magical beasts and dashed out of the city gates!

Demons could not protect their city alone.

They had their own dignity and honor!

Outside the city gates, the God Wind Alliances army had been dispatched to attack the city.

They were directly attacking the Sun Never Sets army led by Du Lang!

The interweaving of blood and the sound of metal colliding was shocking!

Glory is my life!

These iron-blooded men of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had once again used their actions to prove their loyalty to Sun Never Sets!

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