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Chapter 1523: Decisive Battle (15)

After the army left the city, the gates of Sun Never Sets were closed once again.

Yin Jiuchen stood at the gates and put her hands together to pray.

“God, please bless my Sun Never Sets.

May the holy light shine on the warriors of Sun Never Sets.

Please let them return safely!” Yin Jiuchens voice was choked with sobs.

She was only a Herbalist, and she did not have any fighting capabilities.

She could only continuously produce potions before the battle to provide for the warriors.

Now that the war had begun, she could only stand here helplessly and pray for heavens pity.

May God bless Sun Never Sets!

The sounds of fighting at the city gates could be heard clearly even in the city.

All the non-combatants in Sun Never Sets had come to Yin Jiuchens side.

They prayed together with Yin Jiuchen so that Sun Never Sets could survive this crisis.

From time to time, corpses of flying magical beasts would fall from the skies.

Some belonged to their side while others belonged to the enemy.

The death of every magical beast cast a shadow over the people in Sun Never Sets.

The entire Sun Never Sets was filled with a strong smell of blood.

The clean ground had been dyed red by the blood of the flying magical beasts, and the mountain of corpses was a ghastly sight.

Ye Qing stood beside Yun Qi and looked at the battle in the sky.

For the first time, he felt vexed.

He was vexed that he was only a Herbalist without the strength to truss a chicken.

Why couldnt he lend a helping hand to his student

What number one Herbalist in the Brilliance Continent

At that very moment, Ye Qing would rather use his talents in herbalism in exchange for a mythical beast that could turn the tide and kill the enemies in the sky.

“The protective shield has been broken.

Everyone else, attack the siege weapons of Sun Never Sets at once!” After the aerial forces of the four-nation alliance realized that the protective shield of Sun Never Sets had been broken, they immediately dispatched a portion of their forces to bombard the city.

Countless magical attacks struck those siege weapons, and the eighty over siege weapons were instantly destroyed.

The sounds of gunfire were deafening.

The low-ranked demons guarding the base gritted their teeth as they endured the vibrations of the city walls and the explosions in their ears.

They were so anxious that their eyes turned red as they continuously loaded bullets.

They knew that in the alliance of the four countries, their people were fighting a bloody battle!

“We cant let them attack the cannons!” The moment Shen Yanxiao saw the enemys aerial troops, she immediately knew that things were not looking good.

She immediately ordered Vermilion Bird to fly into the sky and use flames to expel all the aerial magical beasts that were attacking the city!

The flames of war spread and those who fought for their beliefs advanced triumphantly!

Outside the city, Tang Nazhi, Li Xiaowei and Yan Yu had already summoned their mythical beasts.

These three massive beasts were similar to three bulldozers as they caused a bloodbath in the God Wind Alliances army!

The mythical beasts sent by the four-nation alliance this time were all aerial magical beasts.

Those magical beasts had been sent to the skies and the earth would be the main battlefield for the three mythical beasts!

Tang Nazhi directly jumped down from the Black Tortoises back.

He wielded his sword with both hands and slashed at the hundreds of soldiers in front of him.

A crack appeared on the withered ground!

The Black Tortoise released a low roar.

With the earth element, it could mobilize all the soil in the land.

Sharp earth thorns sprang out from the ground, instantly killing hundreds of soldiers!

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