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Chapter 1526: Battle Between Life and Death (1)

Blood stained the battlefield.

The battle had inflicted heavy damage on the Sun Never Sets and the four-nation alliance, but it was not over yet.

The forces of Sun Never Sets were gradually eroded, and the four-nation alliance relied on their own strength to launch continuous assaults.

Taotie was surrounded by five mythical beasts.

Black Tortoise and Orochi were fighting against two mythical beasts respectively.

Even White Tiger had no choice but to fight against the mythical beasts that had rushed forward, in order to protect Yan Yu.

Yan Yu could no longer remember how many bottles of Magic Recovery Potion he had drunk.

His hand that was raising his staff was aching to the extent that it was numb, and his senseless arms could only keep on waving around.

Each more cast of the Sacred Shield would save a soldiers life.

He could not stop, and he did not dare to.

Priests were the guarantee of survival for all professions.

Only when a Priest was alive would others have the hope to survive.

Yan Yus complexion was deathly pale.

He was born with a weak physique and he had an incurable disease.

In such a high-intensity battle, he had nearly suffered from a relapse time and time again, but he had forcefully suppressed it with healing potions.

Even though the corner of his mouth had lost its color, he still did not give up on casting healing magic.

The Seven Wolves were soaked in blood and their high-level magical beasts were riddled with scars.

Magic Wolf and Sleep Wolf, who were far away in the four-nation alliances camp, had joined the demons.

As the only Priest, Sleep Wolf had more responsibilities than anyone else.

At that very moment, Sleep Wolfs left hand had been cut off, with only a small piece of flesh still connected.

However, he did not have the time to check on his injuries.

After drinking a bottle of Blood Clotting Potion, he continued to wave his staff.

He was the only Priest here.

His heart was filled with hatred as he watched those familiar demons die under the enemys butcher knife.

Magic Wolf had always been guarding Sleep Wolf.

When Sleep Wolf was slashed, he forcefully used his other hand to pull the sword away.

The five fingers of his hand that held the sword had been cut off by the sharp blade, but he still did not give up.

Demons were willing to shed their last drop of blood for Sun Never Sets, so they could not be afraid!

Uncle Nine led the group that escaped from the Graveyard of the Sun and fought their way through the four-nation alliance.

The low-ranked demons were nearly all dead, the middle-ranked demons were all injured, and even a lot of advanced-ranked demons had died.

If they did not open the encirclement, all the demons in Sun Never Sets would probably die here!

The entire battlefield was suffused with a thick scent of blood, causing their sense of smell to have completely disappeared.

Shen Yanxiao led the flying magical beasts to defend against the enemy.

She understood that the current situation was not good.

There were only so many troops in Sun Never Sets.

How many people could make it back alive

The color of blood filled the skies above Sun Never Sets.

Shen Yanxiaos eyes were bloodshot, and the arrows in her hands did not stop for a single moment.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Swords and swords intersected as flesh and blood splattered everywhere.

This was a real bloodbath!

Just as Sun Never Sets fell into a bitter struggle, two Phoenix cries pierced through the clouds!

Little Phoenix that was lying on Vermilion Birds head excitedly scuttled out and opened its mouth as it let out rapid chirps.

Shen Yanxiaos heart skipped a beat.

She looked up at the source of the voice.

In the sky not far away, two Phoenixes bathed in fire rapidly flew towards Sun Never Sets!

On one of the Phoenixes, Shen Yanxiao saw a familiar figure!

It was a young man who had just grown up.

His slender figure was somewhat thin, but it was filled with fury that could destroy the world.

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