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Chapter 1529: Battle Between Life and Death (4)

The four commanders felt as if their hearts had turned to ashes.

Seeing that their defeat was certain and that they had been dealt such a blow by the Broken Star Palace, they felt like dying.

But to escape

They did not dare to.

They did not dare to use the survival of their country as stakes.

Once Shen Yanxiao recovered, she would certainly take revenge on them.

The cities in their country were not as sturdy as Sun Never Sets.

From the looks of it, whether they wanted to continue to be enemies with Shen Yanxiao or not, they had to continue fighting.

The four-nation alliance had been pushed back, and there were countless dead bodies on the ground.

The army of Sun Never Sets advanced like a hot knife through butter.

Long Yue had been protected at the rear of the army, and Jiang Wan had also placed one of his strongest teams under him.

Long Yue had witnessed the entire battle with no expression on his face.

At that moment, as the army was forced to retreat step by step, he directly walked to Jiang Wans side, despite the soldiers obstructing him.

Jiang Wan looked at Long Yue in surprise.

“Your Highness, this is not a place you should be!”

Long Yue looked at Jiang Wan and said, “Since youre about to lose, why continue”

He could see that the four-nation alliance no longer had any hopes of victory.

There were only five mythical beasts left among the twenty plus mythical beasts, and all of them were seriously injured.

Their siege weapons were gone and their soldiers were either dead or injured.

There were less than 800,000 soldiers left from the three million strong army.

There were still two holy beasts and eight mythical beasts on the opposite side.

They would undoubtedly lose this battle.

Jiang Wans expression was ugly.

How could he not know that he had lost this war

“Failure is inevitable, but if we dont continue now and leave Shen Yanxiao with a chance to breathe, she will definitely retaliate against us in the future.” At that time, the armies led by the two holy beasts and eight mythical beasts would bring about destruction to the Longxuan Empire.

Long Yue chuckled.

“General, you are familiar with the art of war.

The battle between Sun Never Sets and us today has taken a toll on her.

Shen Yanxiao will not be able to make a comeback in a month or two.

During this period, she is recuperating.

Cant we do the same But now that you are deciding to fight to the death, Shen Yanxiao has no choice but to kill us.” Long Yue had once stayed in Sun Never Sets for a period of time.

He had also met with the key figures around Shen Yanxiao.

“Right now, all of Shen Yanxiaos confidants are still alive, so we still have a chance to turn things around.

If this continues, there will definitely be casualties and at that time, it will truly be a fight to the death.”

Jiang Wan looked at Long Yue in surprise.

He did not expect that this young prince could see that.

“In the end, we are merely benefiting the Broken Star Palace.

Are you still going to continue to be bewitched by the Broken Star Palace”

“But… even if we retreat now, we will still lose a lot,” Jiang Wan said.

“If we retreat now, Shen Yanxiao will only have hatred for us.

If we dont retreat now, she will massacre us to the last man standing.” Long Yue sighed.

From the very beginning, he did not wish for this war to happen, but he knew that he could not change anything with his abilities.

However, he honestly did not wish to see Jiang Wan and the rest continue to be obstinate.

If Shen Yanxiao were to be pushed into a corner, he believed that even after the war ended, Shen Yanxiao would dare to bring a few holy beasts and mythical beasts to the capital of the four countries to start a massacre.

Jiang Wan gritted his teeth.

Long Yues words were not without reason.

He knew that this grudge had been formed, but he did not wish to see his soldiers die a tragic death.

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