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Chapter 1531: Beast Tide (1)

Jiang Wan walked at the forefront of the army, and his heart was like dead ashes.

Looking at this unfamiliar land, he felt that their actions were ridiculous.

“Eh Thats… our reinforcement” From afar, Qu Xun saw a group of people not far ahead.

In the middle of that group, he vaguely saw erect siege weapons.

“Reinforcements! Reinforcements! Were saved now! Damn Shen Yanxiao, damn Sun Never Sets, our reinforcements have arrived.

We can fight our way back now!” Qu Xun shouted eagerly.

The moment he saw the reinforcements, he found hope.

The fear in his heart was instantly swept away.

He even started to think about taking revenge on Shen Yanxiao and Sun Never Sets.

Shi Heng and Jiang Wan frowned in displeasure.

Even if the reinforcements had arrived, they did not wish to fight back.

They had thoroughly experienced the savageness of Sun Never Sets.

However, it was always a good thing for them to encounter reinforcements.

At the very least, they could get some help and have the wounded get treated.

Jiang Wan was about to order the army to speed up when Shi Heng suddenly stopped him.

“Wait! Somethings not right.

Whats behind them” Shi Heng narrowed his eyes and looked at the dense mass behind the reinforcements.

Due to the distance, he could not see clearly.

“Soldiers, of course! What else can it be Hurry up and go! Lets go!” Qu Xun practically impatiently shouted.

“Thats not right… Jiang Wan, dont you think their movements are a little chaotic” Shi Heng frowned.

Even though they were far away, he still noticed the abnormality of those reinforcements.

Everyones eyes were fixed on the reinforcements, but the next second, they saw a huge black shadow destroying a number of siege weapons!

“Whats going on…” Shi Heng widened his eyes.

“Could it be that Sun Never Sets wants to eradicate us Is that why they sent people to intercept us” Elder Wen asked nervously.

Jiang Wan shook his head and carefully looked at those reinforcements.

After a while, he finally saw the true appearance of that black mass!

Those were not the soldiers that came to support them.

Instead, they were huge demon beasts with hideous faces!

Those demon beasts frantically crushed those reinforcements, and the army of tens of thousands was instantly trampled into mincemeat.

The fleeing soldiers could not escape from the demon beasts.

They were trampled by the demon beasts in the face of the four-nation alliance until all of them were wiped out.

Tens of thousands of troops did not even last a minute among those demon beasts!

“A beast tide… its a beast tide…” Jiang Wans complexion turned deathly pale.

The beast tide that only appeared once every century in the Forsaken Land had broken out at this very moment!

“Are… are you joking!” Qu Xun sat on the ground as his legs turned soft and as cold sweat dripped down his face.

With the arrival of the beast tide, millions of demon beasts came out in full strength.

This was the most terrifying nightmare in the Forsaken Land!

No city or army dared to compete with those crazy beasts!

In the face of the beast tide, everything would turn into ashes!

“Theyre coming towards us!” Looking at the beast tide that was rapidly approaching them, Shi Heng gasped and his eyes flickered with incomparable fear.

Not to mention that they only had eight hundred thousand people, even if they had three million people, they would still be wiped out in the face of such a terrifying beast tide.

“Run… run! Everyone, retreat!” Jiang Wan shouted in a trembling voice.

Once the beast tide approached, the hundreds of thousands of them would die!

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