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Chapter 1534: Beast Tide (4)

The four nations were not here to fight.

They were here to surrender and seek protection.

This turn of events was ridiculous.

“You are the ones who wanted to attack us.

Now after you cant defeat us, you come to seek our protection.

The four nations are too naive.

I, Shen Yanxiao, am not that magnanimous.” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

Let them enter the city Only God knew if they would actually wholeheartedly help once they started dealing with the beast tide.

At that time, while Sun Never Sets was fending against the beast tide, these people would just sit back and reap the benefits This was impossible.

In particular, there were two commanders in the four-nation alliance army who hated her to the bones.

Long Yue pursed his lips.

Even he knew that his words sounded ridiculous.

Previously, they had attacked Sun Never Sets for no reason, causing countless casualties on both sides.

Now, they had to seek Shen Yanxiaos protection.

Jiang Wan looked at Long Yue and suddenly stepped forward.

“City Lord Shen, I know that it is too difficult for you to take us in.

But please be kind.

As long as the soldiers can survive, we are willing to fend against the beast tide with Sun Never Sets.”

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and looked at the sincere Jiang Wan.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao was not that determined.

With the current situation of Sun Never Sets, the only way to fight against the demon beasts was to sneak into the underground city.

However, once they chose to do that, Sun Never Sets would be completely destroyed.

This was their first city in the Forsaken Land, and she did not want to see it destroyed.

Moreover, the beast tide would appear once every century in the Forsaken Land.

If she were to escape into the underground city every single time, wouldnt that mean that the city under her command would have to be rebuilt every century

At that time, demonic beasts would run rampant in the eastern region.

Even if they could hide, the other cities would certainly suffer.

Those who were sent to the main cities would also face danger.

If she were to do this, the foundation she had laid for so long would be completely destroyed.

She absolutely did not wish to take in the four-nation alliance army, but reason told Shen Yanxiao that she could only do so.

However… she would not take them in so easily.

“I can allow you to enter the city, but I have three conditions.”

“Please speak!”

“First! I want the commanders of the four countries to enter the city first.

After that, I will detain them to prevent them from mobilizing their troops without permission, as it will be detrimental to Sun Never Sets if they were free.”

“Secondly, I want you to hand over all your soldiers to me and have them listen to my orders.”

“Thirdly, your four leaders must sign a contract with me to not violate my Forsaken Land any longer.”

“If you disagree with any of the three conditions, then stay outside and wait for your death,” Shen Yanxiao impolitely said.

In an instant, the commanders of the four countries were shocked.

Qu Xun and Elder Wens expressions were unsightly to the extreme.

They had a grudge against Shen Yanxiao and if they were detained by her, how could they possibly have a good time

Jiang Wan and Shi Heng were carefully considering Shen Yanxiaos conditions.

Even though the conditions were harsh, it was the best choice to ensure the safety of Sun Never Sets.

They could detain the four leaders to prevent them from doing any dirty tricks behind their backs and also take control of the soldiers of the four nations.

“Whether you agree or not is up to you.

I dont have that much time to waste with you.

Whether you cherish your lives or the lives of your soldiers, it will depend on your choice.” Shen Yanxiao gave an ultimatum.

Her words caused a wave of discussion among the soldiers of the four nations.

This was a crucial moment to test the character of the leaders of the four nations.

If they dared to take the risk, it would be equivalent to saving the lives of 800,000 people.

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