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Chapter 1536: Beast Tide (6)

They were lowly commoners They did not deserve his sacrifice!

What could be more damaging to the morale of soldiers

The one they were fighting to protect was actually such a commander.

Even Jiang Wan, Shi Heng and Elder Wen looked at Qu Xun in disbelief.

Was he an idiot

How could he say something like that in front of all the soldiers

Shen Yanxiao looked at Qu Xun with a sneer.

She knew who he was, so she was not surprised that he would say something like that.

As the saying goes, dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes, while the son of a rat only knows how to dig holes.

Qu Rui was not a good person and neither was his father.

“Since the God Wind Alliance, the Longxuan Empire, and the Seventh Kingdom have accepted my terms, then the gates of Sun Never Sets will be opened for you.

As for the Blue Moon Dynasty… good luck to you!”

The moment Shen Yanxiao finished speaking, the city gates of Sun Never Sets slowly opened.

Shi Heng, Jiang Wan, and Elder Wen walked towards the city gates.

The soldiers behind them looked at them with respect and gratitude.

The soldiers of the Blue Moon Dynasty felt as if their hearts had died.

They looked at the other commanders who sacrificed their safety for their army and then at their commanders.

Their hearts were like dead ashes.

“City Lord Shen!” All of a sudden, a soldier from the Blue Moon Dynasty rushed to the front.

“Hmm” Shen Yanxiao looked at the soldier with cold eyes.

“City Lord Shen, I am willing to leave the Blue Moon Dynasty and join Sun Never Sets.

I am also willing to contribute to fight against the beast tide, even if I have to die on the battlefield.

I only hope that City Lord Shen can give me this opportunity.

I would rather die for myself than for that scum!” After saying that, this soldier decisively took off the badge of the Blue Moon Dynasty on his chest.

This badge made him feel ashamed!

Once upon a time, he was proud that he was a soldier and that he could protect his territory.

However, right now, he was no longer willing to work for a scum that regarded them as grass.

Even if Shen Yanxiao wanted him to be the vanguard and die at the feet of the demon beasts, he would be willing.

He was fighting for himself, not for others.

“You traitor! Men, take that traitor down!” Qu Xun glared at the defected soldier in disbelief.

He wished he could kill him with one strike.

However, none of the soldiers behind him moved.

All of them looked on in silence.

Shen Yanxiao looked at that soldier with interest.

Qu Xun was such an idiot.

He had disappointed so many soldiers.

No wonder someone had defected.

“Alright, I accept your request,” Shen Yanxiao said.

“You bastard!” Qu Xun raised his sword and hacked at that soldier in a fit of rage.

However, he had always lived like a prince, so how could he be a match for a soldier That soldier just raised his sword and directly hacked Qu Xun to the ground.

Qu Xun widened his eyes in disbelief.

He did not expect that a lowly commoner would dare to attack him.

The soldier coldly looked at Qu Xuns hideous face and looked up at his former comrade.

“I, Xu Rui, was once a soldier of the Blue Moon Dynasty, and I was proud of my identity.

But today, I understand that everything I have done is not for my country, my family, but for those aristocrats who exploited them! Today, I am leaving the Blue Moon Dynasty.

Even if I die in battle, I will die for myself! Comrades, dont tell me you still want to fight for this scum” Xu Rui pointed the tip of his sword at Qu Xun and shouted.

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