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Chapter 1540: Beast Tide (10)

“Satans soul…” Shen Siyu narrowed his eyes.

This was not good news.

“If the person you saw is really Satan, then he must have controlled the demon beasts to attack Sun Never Sets.

Asura, please come out and tell us about this.” Shen Siyu wanted to be more certain.

Shen Yanxiao looked disappointed.

“Xiu had consumed too much energy to cure the Tree of Life.

He is now in a deep sleep.”

“In fact, Im curious as to why Satan had sent demons to attack Sun Never Sets.

If its only because of Xiu, then Xiaoxiao can escape from Sun Never Sets at any time.

Even if Sun Never Sets is destroyed, Satan has no chance of doing anything to Xiaoxiao.” Qi Xia felt that something was amiss.

Satan had sent demon beasts to attack her, but Shen Yanxiao was an individual that could not be easily captured.

Qi Xias words caused Shen Siyu to fall into deep thought.

“Qi Xias words make sense, but other than that, I cant think of any other reason for Satan to order the demon beasts to attack Sun Never Sets.” Shen Siyu thought for a long time but could not think of any other reason.

“In any case, the beast tide has arrived and our main objective right now is to survive this calamity.” Shen Yanxiao was no longer willing to think about the reason.

They did not have much time left so instead of wasting it on such a problem, it was better for them to think about how to fight against the beast tide.

“The God Realm has some experience fighting against the beast tide.

This is the first time the beast tide has been so unified, so Im afraid it will be a hard fight.

We just entered the city and noticed that there are many soldiers from the four nations in Sun Never Sets.

Sun Never Sets has also been greatly damaged.

To fight against the beast tide at this time might be fatal for you.” The Sage sighed.

They had heard of the war that the four nations had started.

Shen Siyu had wanted to participate several times, but he had been jointly pleaded by several elders from the God Realm.

This was why he did not appear.

The God Realm had its rules.

They would not participate in battles between humans.

However, it was their responsibility to fight against the beast tide, and they had to bear this responsibility.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She knew that this battle would not be easy, but it was good to have the help of the God Realm.

“The God Realm has mobilized more than thirty thousand people this time.

Among them, ten thousand are experts who have gone through second class promotion and above while the rest are all Advanced Professionals.

The battle aura and magic they train in are different from the norm.

Their strength possesses divine power and is more harmful to demon beasts,” Shen Siyu said.

“Ten thousand Second-Class Experts!” Tang Nazhi gulped.

As expected of one of the two largest organizations in the Brilliance Continent.

“Well… how many Second-Class Experts are there in the God Realm” Tang Nazhi asked curiously.

Shen Siyu said calmly, “There are not many people in the God Realm, only twenty thousand.

The rest of us have to guard the seal at the passage in the underworld, not being able to leave.” Back then, Shen Siyu used his godhood to seal the passage between the devils and Earth.

However, as time passed, the seal began to weaken.

In order to prevent the seal from disappearing, Shen Siyu built the God Realm and used his divine power to raise these orphans.

And after they grew up, there would be some divine power in their bodies, even though they could not compare to the real God race.

In addition to maintaining the stability of the Brilliance Continent, they also had another mission, which was to reinforce the seal on the passage to the underworld!

However, no one knew about this.

Only the God Realm knew.

If they did not do this, the Brilliance Continent would be in chaos.

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