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Chapter 1543: Beast Tide (13)

Demon beasts were creatures born from the underworld.

Just like the devils, they loathed the power of the God race.

The god envoys from the God Realm moved out and attacked the demon beasts with their divine powers.

The demon beasts seemed to be extremely strong, with their rough skin and thick flesh.

However, under the sharp blades of the god envoys, their thick flesh was easily cut open.

One could vaguely see wisps of white smoke rising from the wound.

Evidently, divine power had a strong corrosive effect on demon beasts.

But more accurately, this effect was called purification!

The demon beasts that collided with the god envoys were utterly defeated.

Everyone on the city walls looked at that scene in disbelief.


It was too different from what they expected.

Another reason why Shen Yanxiao asked the God Realm to attack first was because she knew how terrifying the effects of the divine power on demon beasts were.

During the battle between the god envoys and demon beasts, both the people from Sun Never Sets and the four-nation alliance could slightly ease their fear of demon beasts.

A soldier who was scared out of his wits before he even stepped into the battlefield would be sending himself to his death if he were to enter the battlefield.

In a sense, Shen Yanxiaos decision was correct, as their gazes were no longer as fearful as before.

As the second vanguard, demons rushed out of Sun Never Sets to support the god envoys.

They and the demon beasts were from the underworld, so they had a high resistance against dark magic.

Neither group had been defeated by the demon beasts, which gave the remaining humans a boost of confidence.

The last wave was the alliance of the four-nation alliance and the soldiers of Sun Never Sets.

Overall, the number of participants on Shen Yanxiaos side had reached a million!

At that moment, be it the soldiers of Sun Never Sets or the soldiers of the four-nation alliance, all of them put aside their previous hatred and joined hands to fight against the demon beasts!

Only victory would give them hope of survival.

As the most powerful holy beasts, Taotie and Yazi dashed into the demon beast camp.

Their huge bodies were much larger than the demon beasts around them!

This time, Taotie did not go on a rampage like he did against humans.

He directly opened his mouth and swallowed those demon beasts that were only one-fourth his size.

It was a wonderful thing for Taotie to be able to eliminate his enemies and fill his stomach.

Furthermore, the demon beasts tasted pretty good, so Taotie was satisfied.

That scene was simply unbearable to look at.

On the other hand, Yazi savagely tore apart every demon beast that approached it, and its killing intent completely exploded.

Compared to the way Taotie directly swallowed the demon beasts, the way Yazi killed his enemies seemed exceptionally bloody and cruel.

Wherever it went, there were demon beast corpses everywhere.

The Phantom members set off and rushed into the camp with their mythical beasts.

The battle against the demon beasts was completely different from the previous war with the four-nation alliance.

The four-nation alliance paid attention to cooperating with each other in battle, but demon beasts would only blindly rampage.

The terrifying aspect of the beast tide was that the demon beasts would violently sweep across cities.

They did not even need to attack much, as they could turn a city into dust with their own strength.

Shen Yanxiao did not have many subordinates, but she had many magical beasts.

She had two holy beasts and a group of mythical beasts under her.

Thus, it was not a problem for her to fight against the demon beasts.

Moreover, the God Realm and the demons were familiar with the demon beasts.

Therefore, it was not difficult for them as well.

Even though there were many demon beasts, their bodies were also huge and took up a lot of space.

They did not have any intellect, so they did not know how to cooperate.

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