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Chapter 1557: New Beginning (2)

All the wounded were undergoing treatment and all the soldiers were recuperating.

Within a day, Sun Never Sets had experienced two major battles.

When night fell, people still had not forgotten about the thrilling day.

They silently lowered their eyes and mourned for their deceased comrades.

That night was extremely heavy for everyone in Sun Never Sets.

They had lost their friends and brothers.

They had lost too much.

No one would cheer for such a victory.

If possible, they would rather it never happened.

Shen Yanxiao was lying unconscious on the bed, with no color on her pale face.

Xiu and Shen Siyu stood by the bed with solemn expressions.

“Xiaoxiao overdrafted her strength this time.

I wonder when she will wake up.” Shen Siyus face was pale.

The backlash from his strength had inflicted serious internal injuries on him, but he had no time to care about his injuries.

Shen Yanxiao, who was lying on the bed, was still hugging the sleeping Vermilion Bird in her arms.

She did not want to let go of her comrade who had gone through thick and thin with her.

Xiu sat on the edge of the bed in silence.

His slender fingers covered Shen Yanxiaos forehead, and a faint light radiated from his palms to her.

“Youve just woken up.

If you consume your strength like this…” Shen Siyu was worried.

Even though Xiu was powerful, he was only in his soul state.

Repairing the Tree of Life required a large amount of energy, so Shen Siyu did not expect Xiu to wake up in such a short time due to such a huge consumption.

“Im fine.” Xiu lightly said, his eyes filled with heaviness as he looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Taotie and Lan Fengli came from outside with a pile of bottles in their hands.

“Great Master Ye Qing said that Master needs these.” Taoties eyes reddened.

As a foodie, what he experienced today had made him lose his appetite for the first time.

Vermilion Birds tragic death and Shen Yanxiaos coma were too heavy for this simple-minded magical beast.

“How… is Sister” Lan Fengli looked at Shen Yanxiao with worry.

“She will be fine with me here.” Xiu did not shift his gaze away.

Shen Siyu took the potions and checked them one by one.

Other than healing potions, there were also many potions that could recover magic and battle aura.

These potions were very important to Shen Yanxiao.

Taotie sat quietly on one side.

Lan Fengli bit his lips and said, “Yan Yu is still unconscious.

Ill go and take a look.”

Lan Fengli was well aware of how much Shen Yanxiao cared for her five friends.

If Yan Yu was not treated after she woke up, he believed she would be even more upset.

What Lan Fengli could do was to take good care of Shen Yanxiao while she was unconscious.

“Thank you so much.

If you see Du Lang and Uncle Nine, tell them to come here for a moment.” Shen Siyu said.

Similar to Lan Fengli, he was not related to Shen Yanxiao by blood.

However, their feelings for Shen Yanxiao were similar to family.

Lan Fengli nodded silently.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao lying on the bed with reluctance before he turned around and left.

His sister was in a coma, so he had to help her deal with the governance of Sun Never Sets!

That way, she would be able to lessen her mental strain once she woke up.

Lan Fengli blamed himself.

It was his failure to protect his sister that caused her such pain.

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