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“Archers, halt your attacks.

Magus, attack the light shield!” A few smarter students immediately understood the situation.

In the face of such a sturdy barrier, the regular archers would not be able to penetrate it even if they exhausted all of their arrows.

So, they could only count on the magic-trained Magi to attack.

The students from the Magus Division started to chant.

As for those swordsmen who were about to reach the three of them, they were smart enough to know that they would not be able to break the barrier forcefully.

They might as well take a detour to reach them.

Qi Xia narrowed his eyes calmly.

The six swordsmen whizzed past them, and he gave them a sweet smile when they brought their long swords down on them.

He shot six flames from his fingertips.

The fire struck the swordsmen in at an incredible speed and sent them flying.

When the sporadic flames touched their clothing, it instantly exploded into raging flames.

A massive chunk of their clothing was burnt off almost immediately.

No one had noticed when Qi Xia had started to chant, let alone how those six flame bullets flew toward them.

The time to chant for a flame bullet was considerably short, but it was near impossible to summon six at one go.

It was already difficult for an average magus to summon two flame bullets in a minute, let alone six!

When they saw that Qi Xia had begun his attack, the magi who attacked the light shield felt anything but reassured.

Qi Xia must have recovered his magic if he could shoot six flame bullets at such speed!

The six swordsmen who were struck by the flame bullets screamed as they were roasted under the blazing flames.

Qi Xia waved his hands again the next second.

Bright and translucent snowflakes soundlessly appeared in mid-air and floated down toward those six swordsmen.

The snowflakes managed to extinguish the flames.

The six swordsmen sighed in relief when they felt that the heat had receded.

However, the next second rendered them speechless.

The snowflakes had solidified on their bodies, and the layer of ice had literally frozen them in place.

A bone-chilling coldness had spread throughout their bodies, and they could only look on helplessly as the ice continued to gather on their limbs and would eventually cover them completely.

“Blizzard… Qi Xia had learned Blizzard!!” The students from the Magus Division from afar screeched the moment they saw those falling snowflakes.

“How can this be The Blizzard is a spell that only an advanced magus can cast.

Hes only a second-year student, so how can he possibly use this magic!” Voices of disbelief continued to echo.

The Blizzard was a wide range magic attack where every single snowflake contained magic.

The magic needed for the consumption of the spell was equally as terrifying.

None of the students could cast that spell, and most of them had only seen the teachers from the Magus Division cast it.

A student from the Magus Division had cast a high-level magical spell that only an advanced magus could cast.

What did that mean

It meant that Qi Xia already had the capabilities of an advanced magus!

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