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Chapter 1590: The Thieves Are Planning To Make A Move (7)

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The Silver Hands notification letter caused an uproar in Sun Never Sets, but Shen Yanxiao did not respond to it.

The citizens regarded Shen Yanxiaos silence as her confidence.

Their Lord was a busy man, so how could she have the spare time to deal with these pesky thieves

The Lord was mighty and domineering, unifying the world for thousands of years!

It could be said that after two battles, the citizens of the Forsaken Land had become Shen Yanxiaos die-hard fans.

Not to mention the Silver Hands, even the Broken Star Palace and the God Realm could not compare to their Lord!

Well done!

Night fell and the spontaneously formed patrol team outside the City Lords Mansion continued to patrol the surroundings.

A few wretched figures soundlessly arrived at a small building outside the mansion.

“Does she think she can stop us just like that Shen Yanxiao is too naive.” One of the Silver Hands members looked at those patrolling citizens with disdain.

Gu Qingming looked at this seemingly tight defense, but it was filled with loopholes.

From an ordinary persons point of view, the City Lords Mansion was surrounded by three layers of security.

Not to mention humans, not even a fly could fly in.

However, in the eyes of these thieves, these patrol teams were merely decorations, and they could think of a hundred ways to sneak into the mansion in minutes.

“Have you prepared the Aura-Concealing Potion and the Invisibility Potion” Gu Qingming asked.

“Yes! They are all Great Herbalists! I bought them at the potion shop in the city!” The few thieves chuckled as they spoke.

They had prepared those potions themselves, but they only prepared advanced potions.

However, there were Great Herbalist potions in the Sun Never Sets.

The effects of these potions were much better than the advanced potions they had.

Even though the price was slightly expensive, the Silver Hands never lacked money.

Gu Qingming could not help but laugh.

This group of bastards had come to steal from someone elses territory and they even used the medicine sold in the city.

They were too arrogant.

“Alright, work hard tonight and dont embarrass our Silver Hands,” Gu Qingming said with a smile.

They had already obtained some of their targets in the capital of the four countries, and the only place they had yet to take action in was Sun Never Sets.

If they could successfully steal these five places, it would absolutely help the Silver Hands regain their former glory!


The Silver Hands members immediately drank the Aura Concealment Potion and the Invisibility Potion.

After concealing themselves and their aura, the few of them immediately headed towards the mansion.

The humans and demons surrounding the City Lords Mansion did not notice anyone approaching.

They were still patrolling around, not knowing that a few invisible figures had already quietly passed by them and climbed over the wall to enter the City Lords Mansion.

They were not in a hurry to take action after sneaking into the mansion.

The duration of the Invisibility Potion was very short, and it would lose its effect not long after they entered the City Lords Mansion.

Therefore, they did not rashly search for their target, instead hid behind the rockery.

They planned to take action after the effects faded.

Even though the effects of a Great Herbalist Invisibility Potion were good, the price was very high.

Although they had bought dozens of bottles, even if they were rich, they could not drink it like water.

Furthermore, the few of them believed in their abilities and felt that as long as they entered the City Lords Mansion, wouldnt those treasures be easy to steal with their abilities

Gu Qingming made a few hand gestures to his subordinates, and the six of them immediately fled in all directions..

Their figures directly disappeared into the darkness without any sound.

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