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There were five of them, and they were obviously a team.

They were also quite stunned when they saw Shen Yanxiao at the grassland.

However, their surprise turned to greed when they saw the twenty-five badges by her feet.

It was as if someone had sent those badges to their doorstep!

They looked at Shen Yanxiao who sat on the ground.

Their gaze then shifted toward the four people who were sound asleep near her.

The sun blinded their eyes, and so they had covered their faces with a piece of black cloth.

The cloth also managed to hide their appearances.

“Hey, those four seemed to be sleeping soundly, and it appears that they only left a little guy to keep watch.

He is wearing a badge from the Herbalist Division, and he looks to be a first-year student.

Why dont we…” The youth who wielded a long sword itched to attack when he saw the twenty-five badges on the ground.

“If we were to go straight to him and snatch those badges away, will he not wake his teammates If they were to wake up, we might not be able to defeat them.” A student in priest clothing was hesitant about the plan.

Their opponents were capable enough to obtain twenty-five badges, and that meant that they had defeated other teams.

It seemed like they were pretty strong opponents.

“What are you afraid of Dont you see that those four are currently sleeping like logs Furthermore, I think that the herbalist student is stupid.

Otherwise, he would have long awakened his teammates the moment he spotted us.” A crafty-looking knight looked at those badges on the ground with greed and salivated.

They had been in the Obscure Forest for two whole days, but they were not able to produce any antidote nor snatched a single badge.

Their team was hastily formed, and they had only average strength between them.

Even if they were to bump into another team, they might not necessarily win.

How could they not be moved when such an opportunity presented itself

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

There are at least twenty badges on the ground.

If we are lucky enough, all of us will get five each.

We can certainly avoid the red and yellow classes with five badges each.

Perhaps we might even be able to enter the green or blue class!” The situation also tempted another archer.

The remaining priest and herbalist hesitated.

Their levels of achievements were not high enough, and they would not be able to get into good classes in their various divisions.

No one was willing to continue to rank so low in their division.

“Alright, then.

But if anything were to happen, we should escape immediately,” the priest said cautiously.

“Do not worry.

I think they must have been in a bitter fight last night, and they are currently very weak now.

Look at the ragged clothes on those four.

Even if you were to shout in their ears right now, they probably would not even wake up.” The swordsman felt that the priest was too timid.

After he had discussed their plans with the archer, he walked toward Shen Yanxiao, who still sat on the grass.

Shen Yanxiao tilted her head and looked at the wretched swordsman who came to her with ill intentions.

He walked over to her side, pointed his sword at Shen Yanxiao, and fiercely said, “Little lad, you had better be obedient and not make any sound.

Otherwise, I wont be so polite with you.

If you dare to make any sound, my friend will aim and shoot at your brains.”

Shen Yanxiao was speechless as looked at that swordsman who resembled a bandit.

Then, she saw an archer who notched an arrow and aimed it at her.

Were they students or bandits!

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