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Chapter 1597: Godly Thief VS Uncanny Thieves (4)

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What cruel and heartless demoness Shen Yanxiao was clearly a goddess!

A group of single hot-blooded youths, who liked to take risks, were instantly flared up.

With such good looks, it would be a blessing to be beaten up by her!

“Second-in-charge, do we have any experience in stealing people” A bold young man could not help but ask a horrifying question.

If they could steal such a gorgeous young lady back, she could absolutely become their Silver Hands signature treasure!

Sobs, they promised not to tarnish this beauty.

They only wanted to queue up and touch her hands.

Gu Qingming speechlessly looked at these bastards who had no self-control.

They, the Silver Hands, walked in and out of the palaces of various countries, as if they were strolling around their own backyard.

It was not like they had never seen beauties.

How could they be so shameless It was as if they had not seen a woman for eight hundred years.

Even though the Silver Hands did not explicitly prohibit the recruitment of female members, it was unknown if they had been inflicted with a curse.

For more than a hundred years, the Silver Hands could not even recruit a single female creature!


All of them were men!

As a result, when the youngsters of the Silver Hands went out to get in touch with women, all of them cherished it.

They wished they could display their best side so that they could abduct a wife home.

Unfortunately, up until now, from their leader to their members, none of them could have their wish fulfilled.

However, they had never seen such a good-for-nothing when they met beauties.

What was wrong with them today

In fact, they could not be blamed for making a fuss.

Shen Yanxiaos current appearance had integrated all the advantages of humans and elves.

As the seal was undone layer by layer, Shen Yanxiaos beauty also increased step by step.

Not to mention the Brilliance Continent, probably even the elves who were based in a city filled with many with beautiful looks would find it hard to find a few beauties that could compare to her.

Coupled with Shen Yanxiaos fame after the war with the four-nation alliance and the war with the beast tide, the rumors about her were even more bizarre.

Everyone subconsciously believed that a young lady with such powerful strength and wisdom would not be too beautiful.

However, after meeting Shen Yanxiao, they only now understood how much God favored her.

Wisdom, strength and beauty coexisted together.

This was practically forcing other women to hang themselves.

“Put away those unrealistic thoughts in your mind.” Gu Qingming could not help but punch those few love-struck fools.

“Second-in-charge… You and Boss are not married yet.” The few of them covered their heads and looked at Gu Qingming pitifully.

Wasnt their Second-in-charges determination too unfathomable He was already around twenty-five to twenty-six-years-old and yet, he did not seem to have any intentions to marry.

Right now, he was actually unmoved by such a beauty.

Could it be, Second-in-charge and their leader…

“Be obedient.

We will return to the Silver Hands tomorrow morning.” Gu Qingming warned.


The six of them stole a glance at Gu Qingming and then looked at Shen Yanxiao at the entrance of the City Lords Mansion.

They originally had the mentality of watching a good show, but at this very moment, they suddenly felt that they should not bully a beautiful girl like her.

They felt deeply guilty that Shen Yanxiao had embarrassed herself in front of the citizens.

Girl! We didnt know you were so good-looking.

If we knew you looked like that, we would never have stolen from you!

We have tender and protective feelings for the fairer sex!

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