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Shen Yanxiao stared at them blankly.

How did the topic come back to her again after it went around everyone else

What was a Vermilion Bird What was a Snow Spirit Fox Why was she utterly unaware of anything

With regards to the dungeon incident, there was only complete darkness in her memories.

She was completely unaware of what had happened in the dungeon, but when the news about the death of the Snow Spirit Fox broke, she could sense how their sharp gazes shifted toward her like knives that were to pierce through her body.

If it werent for Shen Feng, they would have probably pounced on her and hacked her into little pieces!

It was not her fault, and she was innocent…

Just when Shen Yanxiao was depressed with the situation where she was the target of the multitude of arrows, Xius voice echoed in her mind.

“Its only an eighth-ranked magical beast, but these stupid humans are actually so desperate over it.

Useless trash, all of them.”

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

Even though she had never seen a mysterious eighth-ranked magical beast, but based on her limited understanding of that world and the Vermilion Birds Family strength and reputation, she knew that only Shen Feng possessed an eighth-ranked magical beast.

Others with sixth and seventh-ranked beasts were already considered exceptional, while other ordinary people would thank the heavens if they could manage to own a third to fourth-ranked magical beast.

She was amused to hear how Xiu described the sole eighth-ranked high-level magical beast in the Vermilion Bird Family asonly an eighth-ranked magical beast.

If Shen Feng knew the Snow Spirit Fox that he captured with the sacrifices of hundreds of elite soldiers was evaluated that way, would he have fainted

All of a sudden, Shen Yanxiao had a foreboding thought.

Could the Snow Spirit Fox be….

“My hand slipped and crushed it to its death.” As if he had guessed what Shen Yanxiao wanted to ask, Xiu answered with an air of indifference.

Crush… it… to… its… death…

Shen Yanxiao could no longer express her emotions.

It was as if someone told her that they had accidentally crushed a heavy military vehicle with their toe as they walked past.

She very much wanted to say,Lord Xiu… please dont crush it to death!

Unfortunately, only she could hear his voice.

Otherwise, she would have smashed that ultra-powerful expert in everyones faces and laughed at them as they worshipped him.

However, at that moment, Shen Yanxiao could only bear the sharp gazes in silence.

‘My heart hurts.

I feel like I cant trust anyone else again.

Shen Feng took a deep breath.

He gathered all the important members of his family that day because he wanted to inform them of the urgent matter at hand.

As for the punishment for the incident in the dungeon, Shen Feng sighed inwardly as he looked that the childs face that was so different than his son.

If only Shen Yu were still there…

“Shen Yanxiao! Your blunder had nearly destroyed our Vermilion Bird Familys roots, and youre simply too detestable!” Shen Yue fixed Shen Yanxiao with a furious glare.

He knew that once it implicated the Vermilion Bird, it had become a crucial matter.

At that moment, his only concern was to help his children to get rid of all possible connection with the incident.

As for Shen Yifeng who spoke up for Shen Yanxiao earlier on, he said nothing else after he found out that he might have missed his chance with the Vermilion Bird because of that idiot.

He did not continue to help her because he thought that he was already kind enough to not add fuel to the fire.

“This is simply a mess! The Family Head pitied this child for being orphaned, but now she actually bit the hands that fed her and caused such huge trouble for us.

This trash simply cannot be kept here anymore! Family Head, please punish her!” Shen Duan choked with a mouthful of blood.

His son could have obtained the Vermilion Bird to ascend to the position as the Family Head.

However, everything was then ruined by that idiotic trash, and he wished that he could strangle her to her death.

He felt so much hatred for Shen Yanxiao that he tried to incite Shen Feng to get rid of that trash.

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