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Chapter 1601: Godly Thief VS Uncanny Thieves (8)

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Silver Hands Headquarters.

Gu Qingming stood in the hall with an ashen complexion while his six companions knelt on one knee.

The man seated in the main hall had a handsome face, clear eyes, and a face full of righteousness.

No matter how one looked at him, he seemed to be a man of principle and absolute justice.

However, who would have expected that this man who seemed to be filled with a narrow-minded attitude was the leader of the Silver Hands, Qin Ge.

The number one thief god in the Brilliance Continent had a seemingly kind face!

“You failed” Qin Ge had a gentle smile on his face.

He looked as friendly as a big brother next door.

Gu Qingming stiffly nodded.

“Do you know who did it” Qin Ge asked.

“I dont know.

I dont even know when they did it.” Gu Qingmings expression was ugly.

For safety reasons, Qin Ge had sent him to Sun Never Sets at the last minute.

However, he did not expect that something would go wrong in his hands.

Qin Ge raised his eyebrows.

“There are people in Sun Never Sets that are more skilled than you”

Qin Ge trusted Gu Qingmings skills.

In the entire Brilliance Continent, only he and his third brother could surpass Gu Qingming in stealing skills.

“Yes.” Gu Qingming nodded.

“Interesting.” Qin Ge smiled and suddenly stood up.

“It seems like I have to make a trip to Sun Never Sets for the sake of our reputation.”

“What” Gu Qingming looked at Qin Ge in surprise.

Ever since he became the leader of the Silver Hands, he had not stolen anything for nearly ten years.

However, right now, he was going to personally retrieve those five treasures!

“Those treasures are the promise I made to the Brilliance Continent when I first ascended to this position, and I dont have much time left.

Plus, I should honor it myself,” Qin Ge smiled and said.

“Eh Brother! Youre going to Sun Never Sets” Just as Qin Ge spoke, a handsome young man hopped in with a huge black bag in his hand.

That bag was almost larger than his thin body.

“Third-in-charge.” The moment the Silver Hands member saw this young man, they immediately called out.

No one would believe that such an innocent-looking young man was the Third-in-charge of the Silver Hands!

It could be said that none of the three leaders of the Silver Hands were crafty-looking.

All of them didnt look like thieves.

“Feihuan, youre back.” Qin Ge looked at Su Feihuan who had just returned.

Su Feihuan threw the bag to one side and a fist-sized ruby immediately rolled out.

Qin Ge chuckled and said, “You really stole the ruby from the crown of the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire”

Su Feihuan shrugged his shoulders and scuttled to Qin Ges side.

“Brother! Are you really going to Sun Never Sets” Su Feihuans eyes sparkled like a puppy that only wanted to be fed.

“En.” Qin Ge nodded.

“Take me! Take me! Take me!!” Su Feihuan practically roared.

“Why do you want to go” Qin Ge raised his eyebrows.

Su Feihuan chuckled.

“Im going to find someone.”

“Who” Why did he not remember Su Feihuan having any acquaintances in Sun Never Sets

“A young man with two Phoenixes.”

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