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Chapter 1609: Throes of Experts (5)

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Qin Ge also felt that Su Feihuans analysis was reasonable.

Qi Xias unintentional actions had become a fuse that misled Qin Ge and Su Feihuans judgment, leading them further and further down the path away from the truth…

“Ill test that Third Young Master Qi later.” Qin Ge curled his lips and his eyes sparkled with expectation.

“Take me with you!” Su Feihuans eyes sparkled.

Qin Ge said, “You are a patient.

You need to rest.”

“…” Su Feihuan rolled his eyes.

If not for the sake of staying in the mansion, would he have to pretend to faint

Just as the two of them were conversing, there was a knock on the door.

Qin Ge glanced at Su Feihuan and he immediately laid flat on the bed.

Qin Ge stood up and opened the door.

Outside the door stood a handsome and bright young man.

“Young Master Tang” Qin Ge immediately recognized the young man in front of him as Tang Nazhi who was in the hall previously.

“I have the medicine for your brothers injuries, and I brought it here to you.” Tang Nazhi looked at Qin Ge with a smile.

“Please come in!” Qin Ge hastily said.

“I wont be going in.

This is for you.

Just apply it on Feihuans wound.” Tang Nazhi stretched out his head and looked at Su Feihuan who was lying on the bed with a haggard appearance.

He felt helpless.

Xiao Feng was too ruthless and knocked him out with two slaps.

Those who came were guests.

Tang Nazhis impression on Qin Ge and Su Feihuan was not bad, which was why he came to deliver medicine to their door.

Qin Ge gratefully accepted it.

“Thank you.”

“Youre welcome.

Ill take my leave then.” Tang Nazhi turned around and walked towards the hall.

In the hall, Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao were drinking tea and chatting about something.

“Nazhi, where did you go” Qi Xia looked at Tang Nazhi and asked with a smile.

Tang Nazhi plopped down on a chair.

“To deliver the medicine to those two brothers of course.” Tang Nazhi expressed that he was a very friendly and helpful young man.

He did this to protect the reputation of Sun Never Sets!

He was great!

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Qi Xia shook his head with a smile.

Shen Yanxiao sized up Tang Nazhi and her lips curled up.



“Wheres the jade pendant on your waist”

Shen Yanxiaos words made Tang Nazhi subconsciously look down at the jade pendant on his waist.

As a result…

There was nothing on his waist!

“Thats weird.

I remember wearing it when I woke up this morning” Tang Nazhi did not realize why his jade pendant had disappeared all of a sudden.

Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia looked at each other and both of them had an answer.

It seemed like a certain idiot had fallen into the Silver Hands trap.

Unfortunately, he was still in a daze and did not realize it.

Qi Xia laughed heartlessly, and seeing this, Tang Nazhi was even more confused.

“In any case, it cant be lost.

Ill just go back and look for it tonight.” Tang Nazhi muttered.

Didnt he just forget to bring it Was there a need to laugh so crazily

“Find it Then go back and look for it.” Qi Xia raised his brow as an evil glint flickered in his eyes.

He didnt lose it Tang Nazhi probably wouldnt be able to find that jade pendant even if he flipped his room upside down.

“Nazhi.” Shen Yanxiao restrained her laughter.

“What” Tang Nazhi blinked.

“I dont think you can become a thief in this lifetime.” To have his jade pendant stolen so easily, she believed that Tang Nazhi would never have the chance to become a thief!

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