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The four people on the ground were still fast asleep.

Only the weak and feeble herbalist stood beside the swordsman.

They had fixed their sights on that little guy previously, but he merely sat on the ground without any movements.

They did see him rub his hands due to nervousness.

Other than that, he did not show any sign of attack at all.

“Dont tell me that the guy has epilepsy or some other similar illnesses” Since they were quite far away from them, they did not realize what Shen Yanxiao had done with her hands.

The swordsman had also blocked a sizable portion of her.

Therefore, they did not expect that the little herbalist was the advanced warlock that everyone had dreaded!

Shen Yanxiao had mastered fifth-grade combination curses, and so she had reached the level of an advanced warlock.

However, since she had no one to explain such things to her, she thought that she had only dipped a toe into the warlocks pool.

She believed that she was still only an apprentice or something along those lines.

The four youths did not notice any unusual behavior from the little herbalist, so they assumed that the swordsman was inflicted with some sort of strange illnesses.

The team pushed their priest teammate to check on the swordsmans condition while the archer continued to aim his bow and arrow at the little herbalist.

It was to prevent him from waking the rest of his teammates.

With a staff in his hands, the priest walked slowly toward the swordsman.

He glanced cautiously at the smiling Shen Yanxiao, but he had not managed to discover anything weird about that kid.

He thought that his opponent was only a thirteen-year-old herbalist who had no attack skills.

The priest decided that he was only a first-year student who had yet to begin the path of an herbalist.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to produce any terrifying potions for defense.

When he deemed that Shen Yanxiao was not a threat, he crouched next to the swordsman to check on his condition.

He only took one glance at the swordsman, and it was enough to stun him.

The swordsman was laid on his front on the ground.

He seemed to have fallen into a coma.

His eyes were rolled up, and there was even foam that seeped out from his lips.

However, before the priest managed to notice anything odd about the situation, he felt an immense pressure had spread throughout his body.

Just like the swordsman, the unfortunate priest also fell flat on the ground with a plop.

His situation was much worse than the swordsman as he face-planted onto the grass.

The other three who stood from afar stared at the situation in shock.

They could not believe their eyes.

How could two perfectly healthy people collapse on the ground in an instant Furthermore, they did not even manage to see anything at all!

“Shit, do not tell me that those four are only pretending to sleep to lure us over there They might have set some magic traps on the ground and use the badges to lure people over.” The herbalist student continued to sweat as he was baffled by the situation.

He was not a brave person, and he could feel a shiver on his spine when he saw that strange scene.

The other two members agreed with his speculations.

They thought that it was weird that the team would sleep so openly in the daylight and only left a young herbalist to keep watch.

Furthermore, they even dared to show those badges out in the open.

It was clearly a trap!

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