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Chapter 1612: Throes of Experts (8)

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Shen Yanxiao nodded and said in all seriousness, “Some time ago, the Silver Hands issued an announcement to me, but I havent seen them take action for a long time.

I think its very likely that they were the ones who stole your items.”

“…” Qin Ge and Su Feihuans faces turned white, green, and purple.


Silver Hands your head!


They were from the Silver Hands alright!

In the entire Sun Never Sets, only the two of them were members of the Silver Hands.

Did they steal from each other

Qin Ge thought that Shen Yanxiao was going to reveal the thief god by her side, but who knew that Shen Yanxiao would shift the blame to the Silver Hands Qin Ge felt like weeping but had no tears.

He could not possibly jump out and tell Shen Yanxiao, “We are from the Silver Hands! We cant possibly rob ourselves, right”

“Sigh, those thieves from the Silver Hands are too arrogant.

Even if they could not steal the treasures in our estate, they should not have attacked two innocent people.

They even stole your clothes.

They are… too crazy.” Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao sang the same tune with a look of pity.

Qin Ge and Su Feihuan wanted to die.

It was not them!


They were an organization with moral principles! They would never do something as shameless as stealing someones clothes!!

Not only had they been robbed, but the crime was also pinned on their heads.

This grievance nearly caused them internal injuries.

Even if they had mouths all over their bodies, they could no longer explain themselves!

“I didnt expect to implicate you.

Please be rest assured that I will have Sun Never Sets be more wary.

I will catch those thieves from the Silver Hands and avenge you!” Shen Yanxiao said with a strong sense of righteousness.

Qin Ge and Su Feihuan almost cried.

Catch the Silver Hands to avenge them Wouldnt that mean capture them


It was the first time Qin Ge and Su Feihuan felt so wronged after stealing so many things.

It was true that they wanted to steal, but werent they robbed by their peers before they could do anything

Looking at how righteous Shen Yanxiao was, Qin Ge believed that she did not know that she had a thief god by her side.

The five treasures that Gu Qingmei obtained previously might have been secretly stolen by that thief god and placed back in their original position.

He reckoned that Shen Yanxiao did not even notice it.

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This time, he was extremely depressed.

If Shen Yanxiao did not know that she had a thief god by her side, then the Silver Hands would be blamed for their theft.

“Dont the Silver Hands only rob their targets after sending out a notification letter We did not receive any notification letter, so I dont think its them.” Su Feihuan resisted the urge to vomit blood and tried his best to correct his organizations reputation!

They had moral principles.

They would never do anything rash.

Shen Yanxiao said disapprovingly, “Those are rumors after all.

It can only prove that they did that when they stole something.

It does not mean that an incident without a letter has nothing to do with them.”

“Thats right.

Theyre a thief after all, so they shouldnt be so well-behaved.” Qi Xia agreed.

Qin Ge and Su Feihuan wanted to jump out and tell them that the Silver Hands had rules and would never mess around.

However, they could not speak due to the current situation.

They could only listen to Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xias bombardment of the Silver Hands reputation with ashen faces.

They had been unjustly implicated!

They were wronged!

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