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Chapter 1621: To Be Completely Convinced (9)

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“In addition to what Qin Ge has said to you, I would like to tell you four things.

Firstly, even though the Silver Hands belong to me, all the internal rules are kept.

I will not interfere with your internal operations and actions.

Your leader will still be Qin Ge.

Secondly, from today onwards, the headquarters of the Silver Hands will be established in Sun Never Sets.

Members of the Silver Hands will join Sun Never Sets and become residents here.

They will enjoy the same treatment as the other residents in Sun Never Sets.

Thirdly, you are not allowed to treat people rudely in the Forsaken Land.

Fourthly, if anyone is willing, I can teach you how to improve your stealing skills.

However, as long as I teach you, you have to do as I say.

Of course, this is voluntary.

If you do not need my guidance, I will not interfere with your actions.” Shen Yanxiao told everyone her rules clearly.

After they heard what Shen Yanxiao said, everyone was struck dumb.

Other than the relocation of the Silver Hands Headquarters, there seemed to be no other changes.

Even Shen Yanxiao promised not to interfere with their actions, and she even allowed them to enjoy the same treatment as the citizens of Sun Never Sets!

It had to be known that everyone in the Brilliance Continent understood that a resident in Sun Never Sets was treated better than the nobles in the capital of the four countries.

Not only were there rooms built to increase magic and battle aura, but there were also ample gold coins to be earned every month.

Even potions and weapons were provided for free.

Not to mention, there was a place here that specialized in teaching the residents magic and battle aura.

There were also teachers here who were all Second-Class Experts in the six professions.

None of the potions they used were lower than Advanced Potions.

If they were interested in learning potions, they could also receive guidance from the number one Herbalist in the Brilliance Continent, Ye Qing.

It could be said that the citizens of Sun Never Sets were the happiest people in the Brilliance Continent.

Not only did they not have to worry about food and drink, but they also had powerful support in their personal advancement.

As long as you wanted to learn, there was nothing you could not learn here.

Potions, forging, magic, battle aura, business…

After reaching a certain level, Sun Never Sets would take the initiative to equip the, with powerful magical beasts.

Everything was free!

Even if they wanted to be extravagant and add some gold, silver, and jewels for decoration, they would be satisfied as long as they applied for it at the City Lords Mansion.

Many people wanted to become a resident of Sun Never Sets, but they had stopped recruiting residents a long time ago.

This situation made countless people vomit blood.

They wished they could join Sun Never Sets as soon as possible so that they could enjoy the best treatment!

Sun Never Sets was no longer a simple city.

It had become a cradle for the strong.

Be it demons or humans, as long as they lived here, they would improve in all aspects very quickly.

Shen Yanxiao had promised all of them that they could live in Sun Never Sets and enjoy this paradise-like life without paying any price.

It was like a dream!

Not to mention the other members of Silver Hands, even Qin Ge was stunned.

He had thought that Shen Yanxiao needed the Silver Hands because she wanted them to work for her.

However, none of the few requests she made were forced.

All of them were options they could take.

Moreover, she even gave them such good treatment.

Had Shen Yanxiao gone crazy

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