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Chapter 1637: Evil of the Broken Star Palace (1)

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After the war between the gods and devils, the Broken Star Palace became the most respected organization in the Brilliance Continent and was worshiped by everyone.

It had once exceeded the status of the God Realm.

However, not long after, the Broken Star Palace began a long period of seclusion and rarely appeared in public again.

After thousands of years of hardships, only a few people remembered the name of the Broken Star Palace.

On the other hand, the God Realm had sacrificed a lot for the people of the Brilliance Continent, but those heroes of the Human race had completely disappeared.

If it were not for Ruan Yingzhe collaborating with Shen Duan and the rest to occupy the Vermilion Bird Family, Shen Yanxiao would never have the chance to know that there was such a group of experts in the Brilliance Continent.

It was rather suspicious why the Broken Star Palace had disappeared without a trace.

“Brother Siyu mentioned that during the war between the gods and devils, those people from the Broken Star Palace did not know about the transfer of battle aura and magic.

If it were not for Shen Yifengs increase in strength, I believe we would not have known about the transfer of battle aura.

If so, can we infer that the Broken Star Palaces excessive low-profile in the later period was in fact because they did after they came into contact with the transfer of battle aura” Shen Yanxiao bit her chopsticks and frowned.

The former Broken Star Palace could still bear the name of the Hall of Heroes.

But right now, they only existed in name.

Be it the battle aura transfer or the slave trade, all of these were extremely evil acts.

Just as they were discussing, a familiar figure suddenly appeared at the entrance.

“Su He” Shen Yanxiao looked at the panting man standing at the door in surprise.

“Lord.” Su He walked to Shen Yanxiao with large strides and a trace of struggle appeared on his resolute face.

“Why are you here” Su He should be mining with the mining team at this time.

Why would he appear at the Scar of Oblivion

“My Lord, are you here for the Broken Star Palace” Su He did not answer Shen Yanxiao.

He merely looked at her with determination.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“I know where the Broken Star Palace is,” Su He said.

“What” Shen Yanxiao was stunned as she looked at this man that made her feel at ease.

The first time she met Su He, he protected Yin Jiuchen with all his might.

After that, his performance in Sun Never Sets was also very outstanding.

Shen Yanxiao had always respected Su He.

Su He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath.

“My lord, there are some things that I have not been honest with you about.”

“What is it” Shen Yanxiao could no longer see through Su He.

“My Lord, I told you that I escaped from those people.

To them, I am a failure.

But before they captured me for an experiment, I… I was…”

A trace of struggle appeared on Su Hes face and the unbearable past made him clench his fists.

“I was a member of the Broken Star Palace.”

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Not only was Shen Yanxiao shocked, even Qi Xia and the rest were stunned.

“I joined the Broken Star Palace 300 years ago.

Before that, I was a city lord of the Seventh Kingdom.

Back then, when I had just broken through to the second class promotion, I was invited to join the Broken Star Palace by an envoy sent by the Broken Star Palace.

At that time, I was very excited.

I did not expect to be invited by that organization.

However, after I entered the Broken Star Palace, I realized that everything was not as simple as I imagined..” A trace of pain appeared on Su Hes face.

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