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Chapter 1647: Transfer Skill (1)

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On the other side, Shen Yanxiao followed Luo Ke to the wall at the end of the hall.

As Luo Ke turned the relief sculpture on the wall, the wall instantly opened and a passage appeared before Shen Yanxiao.

As expected, there was a secret passage!

Shen Yanxiao quietly followed behind Luo Ke and walked in.

Under the secret passage was an extremely wide area.

In the spacious room, dozens of men in black robes were currently busy.

The entire room was filled with all sorts of apparatus and on the right side of the room, a row of iron cages was exceptionally eye-catching.

Several men with numb expressions were imprisoned in each iron cage.

From the left to the right, the situation of each man in the iron cage was different.

The man closest to the left had become emaciated, and his shriveled skin was wrapped around his bones.

It was as if all the moisture in his body had been drained, making him look like a dried corpse.

The closer they were to the person on the right, the better their condition was.

Evidently, they were conducting experiments according to the order of people in the iron cage.

“Sage Lin.” Luo Ke restrained the complacent expression on his face and respectfully walked to the lab manager.

“Yes.” Sage Lin, who looked to be in his forties, revealed a sinister glint in his eyes.

When he saw Luo Ke and Shen Yanxiao, he merely gave a perfunctory reply.

“Venerable Wu asked me to retrieve the medicinal ingredient.

I wonder if the medicinal ingredient has been refined yet.” Luo Ke fawned.

“You will have to wait for a while longer.

The people who are coming today have yet to arrive.

We can refine the best medicinal pill from experts who have undergone their first battle aura and magic transfer.

The Palace Master has already instructed that after those two people are here, you should first send the medicinal pill to Young Master Xun.” Sage Lin said.

A trace of unwillingness flickered in Luo Kes eyes.

If he wanted to extract all the battle aura and magic of an expert, it would take at least five procedures, and the best medicinal pill with their greatest effect would be made in the first extraction.

At that time, the battle aura and magic in the experts body were at their peak and regardless of purity or increase in strength, it would far exceed the other four pills that were made.

People from the Broken Star Palace called such a pill as First Origin Pills.

Only those at the level of Sage and above had the qualifications to consume it.

It was basically impossible for a shrimp soldier like Luo Ke who did not know how to advance to the upper ranks to consume it.

Luo Ke, who was already filled with resistance towards Young Master Xun, had an ugly expression on his face when he heard that this batch of First Origin Pills would be given to Young Master Xun.

Luo Ke was not an incurable fool.

Even though he wished he could crush a certain someones bones and scatter his ashes, he still maintained that fawning expression on his face.

Everyone knew that it was very important to build a good relationship with the laboratory.

They would decide on the number of medicinal pills you would consume.

The further they progressed, the weaker the effect of the medicinal pill would be.

Generally speaking, the last refined medicinal pill would be distributed to newcomers who had just joined the Broken Star Palace.

The effect of that medicinal pill was very poor, and it could only play a very small role.

Su He had stayed in the Broken Star Palace for more than two hundred years but did not have a huge breakthrough.

This was because the medicinal pill he had been consuming was of the lowest grade.

Only by passing the first test would they have the chance to obtain better medicinal pills.

For someone like Luo Ke, he could at most obtain the third-extracted pill, and if he wanted to obtain more powerful medicinal pills, he would have to climb his way up endlessly..

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