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Chapter 1654: Look, Ill Kill You (2)

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“Alright, when I release you later, blast this broken furnace and immediately return to my body.

I will then take you away.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

Vermilion Birds answer was simply wonderful.

Vermilion Bird was surprised.

He did not know what that blue flame was, but he would follow Shen Yanxiaos orders to a tee.

Shen Yanxiao chose a concealed place and secretly released Vermilion Bird.

Only thosedregs imprisoned in the iron prison could see this location.

But it didnt matter as those dregs had been made silly by the Broken Star Palaces special potions.

They could not even turn their eyes away, let alone leak the information.

Vermilion Bird cooperatively retracted his transformation and soundlessly appeared in a corner of the laboratory.

Following Shen Yanxiaos gaze, Vermilion Bird immediately pressed his palms together and a small flame condensed between his palms.

The flame bullet was extremely tiny but the power it radiated was extremely powerful.

In order to prevent anyone from noticing his actions, Vermilion Bird tried his best to suppress his flames to the extreme!

The instant Vermilion Bird spread his arms, the concentrated flame bullet shot towards the huge furnace at lightning speed.

It was so fast that no one had time to react.

A loud explosion sound echoed in the sealed laboratory.

The seemingly sturdy furnace was instantly covered by huge flames and cracks covered the entire furnace at an extremely fast speed.

“Whats going on” The loud noise caused the other people in the laboratory to be startled.

Sage Lin looked for the source of the noise in surprise and saw the furnace that was originally standing upright in the laboratory turning into pieces of broken metal that fell to the ground.

The moment the red flame destroyed the furnace, it extinguished.

The cyan flame that broke free from its binds swept across the entire laboratory.

The air in the laboratory had become the perfect reagent for the cyan flames to spread.

In an instant, the cyan flames quickly devoured several members of the Broken Star Palace.

Those members did not even have the time to make a sound.

The instant they were enveloped by the cyan flames, they turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared without a trace.

Not even their bones were left.

“So violent!” Shen Yanxiao, who was hiding in a corner, was speechless.

The destructive power of this cyan flame was too savage!

“Why did the furnace explode!” Sage Lin was dumbstruck as he looked at the scene before him.

His complexion turned deathly pale in an instant.

No one knew better than him how terrifying the cyan flames were.

The flames that could evaporate the battle aura and magic in an experts body with just lick was simply a nightmare for all experts!

The entire laboratory was in a mess and the cyan flames devoured everything it could devour.

With the exception of the balance iron scattered on the ground, everything touched by the cyan flames instantly turned into dust.

The people crowded in the laboratory fled in all directions, screaming.

However, how could their speed be faster than the spread of the flames

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the members of the Broken Star Palace were devoured by the cyan flames.

They did not even have the chance to struggle..

The evaporated magic and battle aura flickered with light and hovered above the ceiling like mist.

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