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Chapter 1657: Disaster (1)

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Within the Broken Star Palace, everything was a mess.

Sage Feng led hundreds of members to stand before the sealed laboratory, and his expression was as black as the bottom of a pot.

“What exactly happened!” Sage Feng roared.

“We… we dont know either.” The people on one side looked at the situation in horror.

The seven laboratories of the Broken Star Palace had suffered from an inexplicable attack.

All the passages had been sealed and the mechanisms had been completely destroyed.

It was impossible for them to break the diamond blockage in less than half an hour.

Sage Fengs expression was gloomy.

The seven laboratories had been attacked one after another and the interval between each attack did not exceed five minutes.

During this period of time, not to mention a large-scale attack, even if he were to move at full speed, it would take him around three minutes to arrive at another laboratory from one laboratory.

However, the difference of five minutes had caused the doors to be sealed.

They could not enter and the people in the laboratory could not come out.

They had no idea what had happened inside.

“Continue with the bombardment.

We must rescue the people inside as soon as possible.” Sage Fengs heart bled.

The people in the laboratory were all top-notch experts of the Broken Star Palace.

Not only were they powerful, but they were also very skilled in the transfer technique.

If anything were to happen to them, then the Broken Star Palaces losses would be incalculable.

Hundreds of Archmagis and Great Archmagis began to bombard the diamond blockage at the entrance and the sounds of explosions echoed throughout the entire hall.

Such a huge commotion had alarmed all the upper echelons of the Broken Star Palace.

A white-haired old man walked to Sage Feng who was surrounded by a crowd.

When everyone saw the old man, they revealed an expression filled with the greatest respect.

After Sage Feng saw this old man, his complexion turned pale, and he hastily went forward and knelt on one knee.

The old man in front of him was none other than one of the founders of the Broken Star Palace in its earliest days.

He was a human expert that survived the war between gods and devils.

He was already more than ten thousand years old and had exceeded the limits of human age.

In the world of battle aura and magic, humans could increase their lifespan by increasing their strength.

The lifespan of an ordinary person would at most be around a hundred years, but the lifespan of experts above the advanced level could be extended according to their strength.

However, he himself was only a few thousand years old at most.

There was no one else in the entire Brilliance Continent that was as old as the Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace.

“How is the situation” The Palace Master expressionlessly looked at Sage Feng who was drenched in cold sweat.

“I have already arranged for our men to break the diamond blockage in all the seven laboratories.

In… another ten minutes or so, we should be able to open the entrance.” Sage Feng was so nervous that he was about to tremble.

No matter how respected and powerful he was in the eyes of others, he was merely an ant before the Palace Master.

There were more than twenty human experts who founded the Broken Star Palace.

After the baptism of the war between gods and devils, they had become indifferent to everything in the world.

They avoided the secular world and built the Broken Star Palace in the Scar of Oblivion.

As time passed, the original experts could avoid the call of Death, and the only one who survived was the current palace master..

The other members of the Broken Star Palace had been invited by the old man to join the organization when their talents were revealed.

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