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Chapter 1658: Disaster (2)

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No one knew how powerful the Palace Master was.

When Sage Feng joined the Broken Star Palace, the Palace Master had already started his long period of seclusion training and would only appear occasionally.

The various affairs of the Broken Star Palace were all handled by the few Sages.

Sage Fengs current strength had reached the peak of a Great Professional of the second class promotion, and he was only one step away from entering the Saint Profession.

The Saint Profession was at the peak of the second class promotion and was only one step away from the Divine Profession.

Among the many Sages in the Broken Star Palace, there were two who had successfully broken through to the Saint Profession.

They were only second to the Palace Master.

The strength of a Saint Professional was enough to contend against a holy magical beast.

Other than the Divine Archmagus, they were at the peak of the six professions, and they were the group that stood at the peak of the Brilliance Continent.

The Sages of the Broken Star Palace already had the strength of a Saint Professional.

Therefore, no one knew how powerful the founder of the Broken Star Palace was.

They only knew that the aura they sensed from the Palace Master was far more terrifying than those two Saint Professionals.

“You have to be fast.” The Palace Master frowned.

He was not satisfied with Sage Fengs answer.

“We will try our best to rescue the people inside.” Sage Feng secretly wiped his cold sweat.

After more than ten minutes, the diamond blockage was finally smashed into pieces.

However, the instant the diamond shattered, a heatwave surged out from the passageway and the boiling hot airflow directly burnt the few people who stood at the entrance.

“What a high temperature!” Sage Feng was speechless as he cautiously looked at the palace master who had yet to leave.

Heatwaves continuously surged out from the passageway and for a moment, no one dared to rashly enter the laboratory.

An ominous premonition rose in everyones hearts.

The heatwave lasted for five to six minutes before it subsided.

When the temperature in the passageway was no longer as hot, Sage Feng led a team of men into the laboratory that had been sealed for nearly half an hour.

However, when they walked into the laboratory, what they saw made them dumbstruck.

The laboratory that was originally filled with various apparatus was now empty.

Other than a few fragments of the balance iron scattered on the ground, nothing else could be found in the huge room.

The walls that were buried deep underground were connected to the Scar of Oblivion.

However, the walls that were piled up around the laboratory had disappeared without a trace and a large area of charred soil had solidified on the ground.

The entire laboratory seemed to have been set on fire.

“What… exactly happened here” Sage Feng swallowed his saliva.

The scene before him was beyond his comprehension.

“Its the smell of cyan flames.” The Palace Master had mysteriously entered this unrecognizable laboratory.

He narrowed his eyes and sensed the lingering aura in the laboratory.

Even though the flames had disappeared, there was still a faint smell in the air.

The substance mixed in the air made ones lungs ache as if they had been set on fire just by inhaling it.

“Someone destroyed the furnace and used the cyan flames to burn everything here.” The Palace Master had a solemn expression.

Other than the scent of the cyan smoke, there were also many drifting traces of battle aura and magic mixed in.

Evidently, these powers came from those experts who had been evaporated by the flames.

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A laboratory with dozens of peak experts had been burnt to ashes in a short span of half an hour!

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