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Chapter 1659: Disaster (3)

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At that moment, even the expression of the unfathomable Palace Master turned ugly.

“Go and investigate who did this.” The Palace Master lowered his voice, but one could clearly sense the anger beneath his calm expression.

The seven laboratories had been destroyed.

Not only were all the dregs and test subjects dead, but even the rare cyan flames had disappeared without a trace.

The Palace Master was furious.

He did not care about those dead test subjects.

As long as he was willing, he could ask Ouyang Huanyu to nurture more talents that knew how to transfer battle aura and magic.

With the dregs gone, there were still many Second-Class Experts in the Broken Star Palace.

It was not a problem to grab some of them and use them as sacrifices.

However, he had painstakingly obtained that cuan flame from Ouyang Huanyu.

The real name of that flame was the Flames of the Netherworld.

It was only formed when the God race and the Devil race perished at the same time before their souls dissipated.

The Flames of the Netherworld originated from the war between gods and devils thousands of years ago.

After countless battles, the God race was wiped out and the Devil race suffered heavy casualties.

That was how the Flames of the Netherworld were formed.

The Palace Master was well aware that it was impossible for him to find the Flames of the Netherworld after the God race was completely destroyed.

This kind of unique item was destroyed in one go and that made him vomit blood.

If Shen Yanxiao knew that the cyan flame was so powerful, she would not have sealed all the rooms.

At the very least, she would have left some fire seeds for herself.

Right now, all the remaining Flames of the Netherworld had been extinguished.

Without the flames, the speed and purity of the transfer technique would be greatly reduced.

It could be said that Shen Yanxiaos actions had directly caused the Broken Star Palaces future advancement to be greatly slowed down.

However, none of this was known to her.

The Palace Masters anger spread to the people of the Broken Star Palace.

They started to search for suspicious people like crazy.

Unfortunately, they could not even find a single strand of hair.

No one knew how this disaster came about.

While everyone in the Broken Star Palace was busy looking for the culprit, Shen Yanxiao had led her demon army to the gates.

The few teams of guards at the entrance of the Broken Star Palace were completely dumbstruck when they saw such a large army.

They ran back to the palace and reported the news to the depressed Palace Master.

“Someone intruded Who is it” The Palace Master sat on the throne in the main hall.

The loss of the Flames of the Netherworld had angered him to no end.

Now, there was actually an idiot who did not care about their life and dared to lead troops to attack the Broken Star Palace.

They were simply courting death.

“Reporting to the Palace Master, their leader… seems to be Shen Yanxiao.”

“Its her” A trace of surprise appeared on the Palace Masters face.

Due to Ouyang Huanyu, everyone in the Broken Star Palace had seen Shen Yanxiaos portrait, but the Palace Master did not think much of this young lady who was highly regarded by his partner.

The reasons why they had taken action several times against, first, for the sake of the Broken Star Palace and second, for the sake of doing Ouyang Huanyu a favor.

It could be said that until now, the Palace Master had never paid any attention to Shen Yanxiao.

“Shen Yanxiao is approaching us with tens of thousands of demons.” The guard swallowed his saliva.

Even though he was a Second-Class Expert, he had never seen such a large army of advanced-ranked demons..

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