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Chapter 1669: Destruction of the Broken Star Palace (4)

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Those who wanted to approach Shen Yanxiao were all stopped by the advanced-ranked demons.

As Shen Yanxiao gradually pushed the Modo Beast into a corner, Tang Nazhi, Qi Xia, Yang Xi and Lan Fengli each had their own gains.

Among them, Lan Fengli had the greatest gains.

Shen Yanxiao had to consider the characteristics and weaknesses of the mythical beasts to fight against them, but Lan Fenglis method was rather simple and crude.

Be it a long-range-focused mythical beast or a melee-focused mythical beast, he could withstand the dense attacks and pounce towards those huge bodies.

Without any sharp blades or swords, he directly penetrates the tough flesh of the mythical beasts with his hands and forcefully tore open their wounds.

That slender yet determined figure soon became the nightmare of the Broken Star Palace.

The moment Lan Fengli tore a wound, he plunged into the mythical beasts body without any hesitation and caused the most intense damage internally.

In less than half an hour, two mythical beasts had been torn into pieces by Lan Fengli.

Lan Fengli, who was soaked in blood, looked like a demon from hell.

His body was soaked in blood, but his eyes were so cold that it made people shiver.

Anyone from the Broken Star Palace who wanted to attack him would be torn into two by Lan Fengli before they could do anything.

“F*ck, its been a long time since Ive seen little brother Fengs skill of tearing people apart with his bare hands.

It seems like hes still as savage as ever.” Tang Nazhi saw dead bodies lying by Lan Fenglis feet from afar.

None of those bodies were intact with large amounts of blood staining the ground beneath Lan Fenglis feet.

That scene was terrifying.

The war continued, but what the Broken Star Palace expected did not happen.

The advanced-ranked demons did have magical beasts to assist them, so their numbers far exceeded those of the demons.

However, there were thousands of demons that were war machines that Xiu had personally trained.

Under their leadership, the freshly recruited advanced-ranked demons formed a close collaboration with them.

By attacking in groups of twos and threes, they could completely eliminate a group that was twice their number.

The individual strength of the Broken Star Palace was powerful, but those experts were fighting on their own.

There were no signs of cooperation.

Even if they were forced to gather together, they would fight on their own.

In such conditions, they could not compete with the demons that cooperated together well.

Their advantage was soon disrupted by the demons, and a large number of casualties began to appear in the Broken Star Palaces side.

The few mythical beasts had been restrained by Shen Yanxiao and the others, so they could not provide any effective support.

As for the high-level magical beasts, they could not even withstand a single blow from advanced-ranked demons.

The Broken Star Palace, who had little combat experience, began to be crushed by the demons.

Sage Feng was shocked as he stood among the crowd.

He did not expect the demons to be so powerful.

The Broken Star Palaces army was filled with experts that had gone through second class promotion and they had even brought along their magical beasts.

Yet, they could not defeat the demon army.

That was simply unbelievable!

In a one-on-one fight, the members of the Broken Star Palace might be able to fight against the demons.

They might even be able to gain the upper hand with the help of their magical beasts.

However, once the demons cooperated, regardless of whether they were facing an equal number of experts or more, they could use their mutual cooperation to kill their enemies!

War could never rely on individual strength.

On the battlefield, the cooperation between comrades was the best weapon to kill the enemy!

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