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Chapter 1674: Who is the Real God (3)

The Divine level was the strongest realm for humans.

Throughout the tens of thousands of years of history of the Brilliance Continent, there were less than ten people who had reached the Divine level.

However, the appearance of every single Divine Level Expert would bring incomparable shock to the entire Brilliance Continent.

Even though there was only a fine line between the Divine level and the Saint level, there was a gap of heaven and earth between the two.

It was said that those who had reached the Divine level were powerful enough to contend against the God race and that those who had reached the Divine level were existences that were closest to a god.

The emergence of a Divine Level Expert could insta-kill all professionals beneath the Divine level.

It was no exaggeration to say that the fighting strength of a Divine Level Expert was sufficient to destroy an army of ten thousand.

During the war between gods and devils, five Divine Level Experts had appeared.

A god of magic, a sword god, a god dragon knight, an archer and a priest.

The five of them were comparable to the God race.

They had made great contributions to the human race in the war between gods and devils.

Any one of them could fight against the devil generals of the Devil race alone.

In the war between gods and devils, the former Magus had insta-killed the army of thousands of devils with his strength alone.

After reaching the Divine level, the damage of a maguss spell would reach an unbelievable level.

Even the simplest fireball magic could unleash the same effect as a Saint Professionals Exploding Flame.

All the spells of a Divine Level Magus were instantly cast.

No matter how complicated the spell was, there was no need to chant to spell, making it extremely lethal.

The Sword Gods Destruction Slash could cut through the sea.

When they were fighting against the devils, the Sword God had directly cut open the sea behind them and opened up a new battlefield for the armies of the various races.

Even high-level demon beasts with rough skin and thick flesh could not withstand a single strike from the Sword God.

The creation of heaven and earth was merely so-so.

Every time a mythical dragon knight was born, an eight-winged golden dragon of the dragon race would come to the Brilliance Continent and form a contract with it.

A Divine Level Expert working together with the strongest eight-winged golden dragon of the Dragon race; their devastating combination was simply terrifying.

As for that archer and priest, they were so savage that the devil army suffered greatly.

If not for the existence of these five Divine Level Experts, humans would have suffered even more losses in the war between the gods and devils.

During the last few battles of the war between gods and devils, the five Divine Level Experts fought together.

At the moment when the War God fought against the Devil God, they did their best to keep the devil generals away from the two of them, not giving them any chance to disturb the War God.

In that battle, all five Divine Level lExperts sacrificed themselves, but their deaths had laid a foundation for the defeat of the Devil race.

Without their interference, the War God would be disrupted by numerous devil generals the moment he wanted to devour the Devil God.

If the God race was the ultimate faith of all races, then the five Divine Level Experts were the most respected human gods in the Brilliance Continent.

Reaching the Divine level, one could be called a god!

In the war between gods and devils, too many experts of the Human race had fallen.

During that war, there were tens of thousands of experts who had gone through second class promotion and above.

However, after the war ended, only twenty plus people survived.

And these people hid themselves in the Broken Star Palace and no longer cared about the world.

It was also from then on that the growth speed of the human experts had slowed down to an unprecedented degree.

All the experts above the second class promotion had disappeared without a trace.

Some had died while others had hidden themselves from the world.

Without the guidance of a Second-Class Expert, it was extremely difficult for those lagging behind to advance to the second class promotion.

It could be said that the war between gods and devils had brought about a devastating blow to the growth of human experts..

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