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Chapter 1695: Number One Person of the Brilliance Continent (7)

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Sage Feng swept across everyone present and after ensuring that all the rulers of the four countries were present, he stood up and said.

“Since everyone is here, follow me.”

He wasnt going to kill them

The rulers of the four countries were secretly relieved.

Sage Feng prepared a carriage and led the carriages of the four countries towards their destination.

However, as the journey continued, the rulers of the four countries increasingly felt that something was amiss.

They were getting closer and closer to the border of the Forsaken Land, and they were about to enter Shen Yanxiaos territory.

At this moment, they were puzzled.

They knew that the Broken Star Palace was at odds with Shen Yanxiao.

So their destination should be the Broken Star Palace, but why did the Sage bring them to the Forsaken Land

When the carriages entered the Forsaken Land, the rulers of the four countries felt even more complicated.

“State Teacher, what is the Broken Star Palace up to Why are they bringing us to the Forsaken Land” The Emperor of the Longxuan Empire sat in the carriage and looked at Pei Yuan in confusion.

“There are only two possibilities.

The first possibility is that the Broken Star Palace is hiding in the Forsaken Land.

The second possibility is that they want us to go to Sun Never Sets and fall out with Shen Yanxiao to make our stand clear.” Pei Yuan could only come up with these two conclusions after much


“The Broken Star Palace is in the Forsaken Land Thats impossible.” The Emperor felt that the possibility of the former being true was extremely low.

“Not necessarily.

The Broken Star Palace has always been well hidden, and no one knows their exact location.

The Forsaken Land has always been our restricted area and very few people would enter.

However, Shen Yanxiao is the first and only person to reclaim the Forsaken Land.

If the Broken Star Palace is

hidden in the Forsaken Land, Shen Yanxiaos actions might very possibly expose the location of the Broken Star Palace.

Therefore, it may be because of this reason that the Broken Star Palace has always targeted Shen Yanxiao.” Pei Yuan felt that this was the most likely possibility.

They did not know that Ruan Yingzhe and Shen Duan from the Broken Star Palace had teamed up to deal with the Vermilion Bird Family, nor did they know that Shen Yanxiao had a grudge against them.

It was at that time that they first found out that Shen Yanxiao and the Broken Star Palace were at odds

with each other.

From the moment the Broken Star Palace attacked Shen Yanxiao in the Twilight City, they had never understood why the Broken Star Palace had targeted her.

If Pei Yuans guess was correct, then everything made sense.

“Now that you mention it, I think its very likely.” The Emperor nodded.

“Lalso think the second possibility is very low.

Theres no need for the Broken Star Palace to mobilize so many people to make us fall out with Shen Yanxiao.

To be honest, our four countries are of no importance in the Broken Star Palaces eyes.” Pei Yuan forced a smile.

As the carriages moved forward, the entourages of the four countries moved towards the center from the border of the Forsaken Land.

‘Their target was not Sun Never Sets.

And as soon as they strayed away from the path to Sun Never Sets, Pei Yuan was sure that his first guess was correct.

Ten days later, the carriages of the four countries stopped in front of a main city in the Forsaken Land.

Dim City, one of the five main cities in the Forsaken Land.

It was also a city Shen Yanxiao had conquered.

‘When the rulers of the four countries saw this main city, their faces tuned black.

This city belonged to Shen Yanxiao a long time ago.

Even if the Broken Star Palace wanted to hide, it should not be this city.

Otherwise, both sides would have already started fighting long ago..

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