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Chapter 1699: This World is a Fantasy (4)

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Among all the rulers, probably only Long Fei could talk to Shen Yanxiao.

The others could obediently sit there, not daring to utter a single fart.

Long Fei supported Shen Yanxiao from the very beginning and opposed the four countries sending troops.

‘They were all aware of that.

For that reason, the other leaders of the mercenary groups in the God Wind Alliance had no lack of arguments with Long Fei.

At that time, in their eyes, Shen Yanxiao was incapable of contending against the Broken Star Palace, and they did not want to attract trouble.

But now.

The leaders of the God Wind Alliance had the urge to die!

Nevermind their defeat, nevermind her extortion.

Why was the Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace Shen Yanxiao This fact drove them crazy!

At that moment, they were filled with regret.

They regretted not standing on the same side as Long Fei.

All of them wanted to reap benefits from the Broken Star Palace, but it was as if they had been blinded by greed.

In the end, they were utterly defeated.

Almost at the same time, the other four leaders of the God Wind Alliance reached a consensus.

No matter what, they must build a good relationship with Long Fei in the future.

With Long Fei as their guarantee, Shen Yanxiao would not make things difficult for them.

The title of Lord of the Forsaken Land was already a huge headache for them.

Now that Shen Yanxiao had become the Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace, they should just hang themselves if they were to go against her again.

At the very least, there was Long Fei in the God Wind Alliance who was on good terms with Shen Yanxiao.

The other three countries were the ones suffering the most.

The Blue Moon Dynasty was considered good.

Even though they had some conflicts with Shen Yanxiao, when Shen Yanxiao visited the imperial capital, the King had the best attitude and listened to her.

As for the Seventh Kingdom, it was a tragedy.

The God Wind Alliance had Shen Yanxiaos big brother, but the Seventh Kingdom had Shen Yanxiaos sworn enemy!

Ever since the first day Elder Wen met Shen Yanxiao, he had made things difficult for her in the open and in the dark.

After he returned to the Elders Council, he had even badmouthed Shen Yanxiao to the other six Elders.

It could be said that Elder Wen and Shen Yanxiao were at odds from the start, and

this was practically a well-known fact.

At that moment, Elder Wen wanted to shrink himself into a ball, wishing that there was a hole for him to crawl into.

The members of the Elders Council who sat by his side were all looking at Elder Wen with furious and condemning gazes.

If not for the fact that they did not dare to cause a ruckus in front

of Shen Yanxiao, these six old men would probably pounce over and devour Elder Wen.

This idiot!

He had been telling them how despicable, shameless, and incorrigible Shen Yanxiao was.

When Sage Feng joined hands with the four countries, Elder Wen was the one jumping around the most.

If it were not for Elder Wens extreme misdirection, the other six Elders would not have been so disgusted with

Shen Yanxiao.

But now, disliking Shen Yanxiao What right did they have to dislike Shen Yanxiao

The Forsaken Land alone was enough to overwhelm them.

Now, there was the Broken Star Palace.

Shen Yanxiao could crush them with one finger!

How regretful!

The six Elders cursed Elder Wens eighteen generations of ancestors in their hearts.

They had seen many stupid people, but they never seen someone this stupid.

Why did he have to provoke Shen Yanxiao

Now that the God Wind Alliance was under Long Feis protection, this sudden change was probably not a big deal.

But what about their Seventh Kingdom

Coupled with the fact that Elder Wen had caused trouble for Shen Yanxiao in Twilight City, the six eEders felt that their time was up..

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