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At that moment, the other second-generation disciples of the Shen Family had no intentions to comment on Shen Yues proposal to punish Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Feng furrowed his brows as if he had something on his mind.

‘They are going to sentence me just like that Shen Yanxiao hadnt expected things to progress this way, but after she gave it a thought, it was rather reasonable.

This was a matter that involved the Vermillion Bird Familys reputation and after this missed opportunity, it was unknown as to when they could obtain the Vermillion Bird again.

Furthermore, she was merely a foolish and idiotic orphaned trash, and that made her the perfect pawn to resolve everyones anger.

Not only that, they knew that it was beneficial for their children if they could get rid of a third-generation competing disciple, even if she was only trash.

Why would they have anything against that

Without any support or anyone to rely on, the Shen Yanxiao who just recently arrived in this other world had encountered evil intentions that were directed at her from all directions.

Her small hand that hid inside her sleeve was clenched tight, and she gnashed her teeth quietly.

They had better not let her live past this incident.

Otherwise, she would absolutely make them repay everything they made her go through a hundredfold.

Who cared about the Vermilion Bird or the Family HeadAs long as I survive today, I will make sure that the Vermilion Bird Family change their leader!

“It seems like Second Uncle and Fourth Uncle have many complaints! I wonder if this is the beast that grandfather requires!” A gentle voice echoed from the outside as the gates slowly pushed open.

A white-robed young gentleman with a slender figure walked in.

He had a smile that was like a breath of fresh air, and he looked like a god that descended onto the mortal world.

He proceeded to step into the main house that was already tensed with a heavy atmosphere.

Four strong men behind the gentleman lifted a huge iron cage as they slowly entered the main house.

A white-colored snow fox, half the height of a man, laid quietly in the cage and its dark green eyes quirked up slightly while its snow-white fur radiated an exotic luster.

“Shen Siyu…”

The young man had arrived when everyone least expected it, and that resulted in quite a commotion in the main house.

He was not a direct descendant of the Vermilion Bird Family, but an orphan that Shen Feng adopted into the family ten years ago.

No one knew of his background, and they only knew that Shen Feng had named him Shen Siyu and he had the same seniority as the third-generation disciples did.

Shen Siyu was eighteen years old, and his handsome appearance had even overshadowed the elegant Shen Yifeng.

If Shen Yifeng were the stars in the night sky, then Shen Siyu would be that unique bright moon.

How could the light of the stars compare to the brightness of the moon

Shen Siyus arrival was out of everyones expectations as he was usually not in the estate.

Most of the time, Shen Feng would dispatch him somewhere, and he mostly drifted without a fixed place to rest.

Shen Feng had personally arranged everything for Shen Siyu and neither his whereabouts and strength were known to the rest of the family.

It was fortunate that he was not part of the Vermilion Bird Familys bloodline.

Otherwise, Shen Duan and Shen Yu would have collaborated to destroy the foster son that Shen Feng had favored so much.

They could not help but admit that Shen Siyu had matured into an elegant and handsome young man as the years went by.

There was an aura that he released so effortlessly that not even Shen Duan would dare to act so rashly against him.

“Before I returned to the City, I heard about the matter regarding the God Realm and later found out that the sage required a Snow Spirit Fox as a gift.

I was lucky to have encountered this little fellow on the road and brought it back with me.

I hope that grandfather would be so kind as to accept this gift.” Shen Siyus eyes revealed a smile, and his handsome appearance was like a perfect work of the gods.

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