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Chapter 1702: This World is a Fantasy (7)

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However, without the God race, who could gather the remaining five races

Without an alliance between races, how could humans compete against the Devil race

Despair filled everyones hearts.

Under the threat of the devils, their original worries seemed ridiculous.

Once the Devil race appeared, they would no longer have a way out.

What was the use of fighting for power, profit, and territory when everyone was dead

“Lord, if what you said is true, then… what should we do now” Shi Heng of the God Wind Alliance raised his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

He was also in despair, but there was still a trace of hope under this despair.

This trace of hope was Shen Yanxiao.

Could this young lady, who constantly created miracles, have the ability to save their race

Perhaps she really had a method or else she would not have gathered them.

Right now, Shi Heng could only pray that Shen Yanxiao could turn the tide.

“Join hands with other races and form an alliance once again.

It is impossible for us humans to fight against the Devil race alone.” Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath.

She was not arrogant enough to think that she could fight against the Devil race alone.

“However, the other races have gone into seclusion.

The only ones we are still in contact with are the elves.

Furthermore… after the war between the gods and devils, our relationship with the elves is not harmonious.” Shi Heng spoke with great difficulty.

He did not finish his sentence.

Not only the elves,

but after the war between the gods and devils, humans had offended almost all the races.

If they were to call for help, probably none of the races would respond.

They only knew that the elves lived in the Moon God Continent.

As for the dragons, dwarves, and merfolks, they had no idea where they were.

“You dont have to worry about that.

I will naturally think of ways to contact the other races.

I asked you to come here to express your attitude and whether you are willing to appoint me as a representative of the Human race to negotiate with the other races,” Shen Yanxiao said.

“We are willing.” The moment Shen Yanxiao said that, the King of the Blue Moon Dynasty stood up.

“Lord, no matter what had happened between us in the past, we have all witnessed your achievements.

I believe that other than the Sage from the God Realm, you are the only one who has the qualifications to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the survival of mankind.” The Kings eyes were firm.

He was

not flattering her, but it was the truth.

The rulers of the four countries had long lost their fighting spirit after so many years.

They had lost their motivation to give it their all.

Only Shen Yanxiao had produced so many shocking achievements in such a short time.

There was no need to doubt her abilities and strength.

“We are willing to follow the Lords arrangement!” Everyone stood up and respectfully stood before Shen Yanxiao as they slightly bowed.

It was not an act of fear nor surrender.

They were sincerely supporting Shen Yanxiao.

They were well aware that Shen Yanxiao was stronger than them.

If she was willing to come forward and bear all this responsibility, it would be their fortune.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

She was relieved by the four countries response.

“Very well.

Before we unite with the other races, we must make good use of these three years to nurture the fighting strength between us humans..” If they wanted to negotiate with the other races, they had to strengthen themselves first!

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