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Chapter 1707: Turning Everyone into Soldiers (4)

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Lan Fengli did not wait for the next day.

After he obtained the map of the Seventh Kingdom, he left with Yazi that night.

The journey from Sun Never Sets to the Seventh Kingdom was a long one.

So before he left, he borrowed Vermilion Bird who was the fastest.

After Lan Fengli left, Shen Yanxiao sent another letter to Duan Hen.

Once the Elders Council was massacred, the Seventh Kingdom would certainly fall into chaos and that would be the time for Duan Hen to rise.

‘Whether he could grasp it depended on Duan Hens strength.

Not long after Lan Fengli left, Qin Ge of the Silver Hands came to their doorsteps.

‘The reason was very strange.

He was representing all the members of Silver Hands to consult Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised that the Silver Hands would collectively consult her.

She had an agreement with them previously.

Even though the Silver Hands had settled down in Sun Never Sets, they were not under Shen Yanxiaos management unless they consulted her about thieving skills.

This was the agreement Shen Yanxiao made in order for them to settle down in peace.

As for asking for guidance, she had her own plans.

However, there were too many things to do recently and she had yet to implement her plan.

However, before it was implemented, why did the Silver Hands send themselves to her doorstep

“Why did you do this all of a sudden” Shen Yanxiao sat in the study room and looked at Qin Ge who had a straight face.

To be honest, his appearance was too deceptive.

Qin Ge said in embarrassment, “Your Lordship is more capable than we expected.

Not only can you steal the legendary dragons, but you can also steal the Broken Star Palace.

My brothers from the Silver Hands would like to consult you.”

“_” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

When did she say that shestole the dragons and the Broken Star Palace

Just as Shen Yanxiao was in doubt, she saw Su Feihuan revealing his head outside the study room and continuously winked at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao immediately came to a realization.

She reckoned that such unimaginable rumors were spread by Su Feihuan.

Ever since Lan Fenglileft without saying goodbye, Su Feihuan had been depressed.

Evidently, Lan Fengli had gone to help Shen Yanxiao.

As the third-in-charge of Silver Hands, he naturally could not participate in the internal affairs of Sun Never Sets, which made him depressed.

In his depression, this extremely shameless guy thought of a dirty trick to tie the Silver Hands to Shen Yanxiao.

In that case, when Shen Yanxiao asked Lan Fengli to do something in the future, wouldnt he have a reason to follow her

‘Asa result, the young man who had taken the task of tricking his teammates began to spread rumors around the Silver Hands, and Shen Yanxiaos brilliant achievements were revealed.

Arent dragons handsome Arent they domineering Our Lord stole them!

Wasnt the Broken Star Palace powerful Wasnt it powerful It was stolen by their Lord!

She could evensteal the legendary dragons and the Broken Star Palace, one of the two largest organizations in the Brilliance Continent.

With such godlike achievements, how could they not be convinced

With Su Feihuan jumping up and down, and with his vivid descriptions, the Silver Hands were tempted.

‘They had seen many thieves, but they had never seen a thief steal an entire organization!

This was definitely a legendary feat in the world of theft!

Coupled with the harmonious life the Silver Hands had experienced in Sun Never Sets, they were already somewhat biased towards Shen Yanxiao.

Su Feihuans instigation had given them an opportunity, and so, Qin Ge was pushed out to be their representative.

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