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Chapter 1708: Sorrow of Parting (1)

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$u Feihuan had given Shen Yanxiao a huge gift, and she had no reason not to accept it.

During this period of time, Shen Yanxiao began to teach the Silver Hands thieving skills.

There was a huge difference between this world and modem society.

Apart from their skills, a large part of the thieves here relied on their magic and battle aura to support themselves.

Back then, Shen Yanxiao only relied on her thieving skills to climb to the top.

Shen Yanxiaos teachings were simple.

They were not allowed to use battle aura or magic.

They must only rely on their own abilities.

This caused the Silver Hands to complain incessantly.

However, due to Shen Yanxiaos suppression, they could only brace themselves.

Days passed and the injuries on the dragons gradually recovered.

On the ninth day after Lan Fengli left, Qian Yuan arrived at the City Lords Mansion.

“We plan to set off tomorrow.” Qian Yuan looked at Shen Yanxiao.

They had been well taken care of in Sun Never Sets.

If not for Shen Yanxiaos arrangement, their injuries would not have healed so quickly.

“So soon” Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

Qian Yuan and the rest had recovered five days earlier than she expected.

Qian Yuan nodded and said, “Thank you for taking care of us all this time.

If you wish to go to the Dragon Continent, I will bring you there.

However, the Dragon Continent is not friendly toward humans, so we can only bring two people back at most.

If anything happens, Im afraid we wont be able to take

care of you.”

Shen Yanxiao had already discussed with Qian Yuan about going to the Dragon Continent.

During this period, Qian Yuan had been hesitating, Ultimately, he was touched by Shen Yanxiaos act of kindness and finally relented and agreed.

Before the dragons lived in seclusion, they had a lot of conflicts with humans.

All the dragons on the continent did not like humans.

Elves could maintain a business relationship with humans.

However, if the dragons were to discover humans on their continent, their first thought would be to expel them.

Some would even directly kill them.

Therefore, Qian Yuan did not dare to bring too many people with him.

“Qi Hui will stay in Sun Never Sets with Leng Ye.

Only the three of us will be returning.” The Qi Qi that Qian Yuan mentioned was a two-winged sky dragon, the only dragon that had signed a contract with a Dragon Knight.

Normally, after signing a contract, a dragon would stay with its Dragon Knight.

“Tomorrow” Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

Would Lan Fengli be back yet

“Yes, we have to bring back the news of our kings death to our race.

We have been in the Brilliance Continent for too long,” Qian Yuan said with some sadness.

“Why did you come to the Brilliance Continent” Shen Yanxiao could not understand.

Qian Yuan mentioned that they and their king came to the Brilliance Continent two thousand years ago.

At that time, thousands of years had passed since the war between gods and devils ended, and the dragons had

gone into seclusion.

Why would they return to the Brilliance Continent

Qian Yuan said, “My kings wife was severely injured by the devil generals during the war between gods and devils, and her body was extremely weak.

Two thousand years ago, my kings wife gave birth to my kings bloodline.

At that time, due to her severe injuries, it was very likely that she could not lay

the egg, Even her own life was hard to guarantee.

Then, my king heard that there was a medicinal ingredient that could cure his wife in the Brilliance Continent, so he brought the few of us to the Brilliance Continent to search for the medicinal ingredient.

However, who would have expected that it was all

a trap set up by Ouyang Huanyu from the start There was no medicinal ingredient here, and his only objective was to lure out my king and kill him..”

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