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Chapter 1711: Sorrow of Parting (4)

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They bantered, chatted, laughed, and drank to their hearts content.

The four Phantom friends seized these last few moments and enjoyed their time together.

“Xiaoxiao, we are about to go our separate ways.

Three years… three years later, lets reunite.

At that time, I will definitely beat up that idiot Qi Xia in front of you.” Tang Nazhi, who was slightly drunk, stood up while staggering.

He made a bold declaration that he wanted to beat a certain someone up.

Qi Xia looked at Tang Nazhi with a smile, and his fair face turned slightly red.

No one held back that night as they drank and ate freely.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the two empty seats beside her.

These two seats belonged to Yan Yu and Li Xiaowei.

Even though they were far away in another continent, they had preserved their seats for them.

On the table in front of their seats, there were glasses of wine as if they had not left.

She vaguely remembered that the last time they drank and chatted happily was when Tang Nazhi was expelled from Saint Laurent Academy.

At that time, before Li Xiaowei joined Phantom, the five of them sat in the casino lounge and drank one cup after another.

This time, they had no choice but to part ways for the time being in order to fight against the Devil race.

Three years later, they would gather again and compose a hymn that belonged to Phantom.

Shen Yanxiao suddenly stood up and held her cup.

“When I was still an unknown little child, you came to my side.

For so many years, you have accompanied me through such a long journey.

Every one of you is as talented as I am.

If I let you go, you could have created more glorious achievements with your strength alone.

However, you chose to

accompany me and helped me build the Forsaken Land.

You helped me defeat wave after wave of enemies.

My gratitude cannot express my appreciation for you.

I only said…”

“From today onwards, you and I shall entrust our lives to each other.

We shall be saved by good and evil.

We shall rely on each other throughout fortune and misfortune.

We shall support each other in times of adversity.” With that, Shen Yanxiao downed the wine in her cup.

Qi Xia, Tang Nazhi and Yang Xi stood up and held their wine glasses as they looked at Shen Yanxiao and said in unison.

“You and I shall entrust our lives to one another.

We shall be blessed by good fortune and misfortune together.

We shall support each other in times of adversity!”

That night, the four of them were destined to have a sleepless night.

They drank cup after cup of wine in the afternoon, and each of their sentences were filled with sincerity.

This would be their last reunion for the next three years.

The day after tomorrow, Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi would be leaving.

In the early morning, the four of them were already drunk.

Tang Nazhi plopped on the table as if he had fallen asleep.

However, his shoulders were trembling.

“Nazhi, we will be back soon.” Qi Xia put his hand on Tang Nazhis shoulder and whispered.

“Tknow…” Tang Nazhi slowly spoke with a choked voice.

Among the Phantom members, Tang Nazhi was the most straightforward and his feelings were also the most direct.

He felt awful.

For so many years, the six of them had fought together and fooled around all day long.

Yan Yu and Li Xiaoweis departure had already made him feel depressed.

And then, Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi were also leaving and Qi Xia would be leaving soon too.

“Tjust feel uncomfortable.” Tang Nazhis suppressed voice was trembling.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi stood up and went to Tang Nazhis side.

The four of them huddled together.

“Three years, then three years.

After three years, no matter how much we improve, we will definitely return,” Shen Yanxiao leaned her head against Tang Nazhi and promised in a low voice..

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