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Chapter 1746 Devil Energy (3)

The devil energy from the mothers body had fused with the little golden dragon and this energy became his own.

Therefore, even Xiu could not detect it unless the little golden dragon personally released the devil energy in his body.

“Is there a way to get rid of it” Shen Yanxiao looked down at the tearful little golden dragon.

Everything made sense now.

It was no secret that Long Miao was injured.

Everyone in the Dragon race knew about it.

Perhaps Long Yan had accidentally found out that the little golden dragon possessed devil energy, so he used the magical weapon in the undeads hands to lock onto the little golden dragons position.

Xiu shook his head.

“If I were to expel the devil energy in his body right now, he would die.

The only method is through blood transfusion.”

“Blood transfusion”

“Find the other eight-winged golden dragons; if they are willing to transfer their blood to the little golden dragon and replace all the blood that is tainted with devil energy, only then can the devil energy be completely expelled.” The devil energy had merged with the little golden dragons blood.

Once Xiu took action, he would drain all the blood from the little golden dragons body.

At that time, the little golden dragon would only have death awaiting him.

He knew that Shen Yanxiao wanted to save the little golden dragon, not kill him.

“But those dragons are in the North.

If we take Doudou with us now, Long Yan will soon discover their location.

At that time…” Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth.

The little golden dragon was a GPS system that Long Yan had planted in the dragons.

No matter where he escaped to, Long Yan would send a large number of pursuers.

Once Long Yan discovered the location of those dragons, it would only bring disaster to them.

“I can suppress the demonic aura in his body for the time being to stop them from tracking him down,” Xiu said.

“Thats great!” Shen Yanxiaos eyes brightened.

Xiu did as he was told and it did not take long for him to suppress the devil energy in the little golden dragons body.

During this period, the little golden dragon was unusually quiet.

In order to reach the North as soon as possible and join up with the other dragons, Vermilion Bird transformed into a firebird and flew towards the North with everyone.

The little golden dragon silently sat by Shen Yanxiaos side.

From the moment he climbed onto Vermilion Birds back, his small hands had tightly grabbed onto the corner of Shen Yanxiaos clothes.

He lowered his head.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Sensing the little golden dragons silence, Shen Yanxiao lowered her head and looked at him.

“Are you feeling unwell anywhere”

The little golden dragon shook his head in silence.

Shen Yanxiao thought he was afraid.

She reached out and rubbed his head.

“Dont be afraid.

We will bring you to your friends soon.

No one can hurt you again.” The little golden dragon was still silent.

His small hands pulled on Shen Yanxiaos clothes.

After a long time, his trembling voice sounded.

“Are you serious”


“I have devil energy in my body.

Those baddies can track the devil energy in my body.

Thats why they were able to determine our position and chase after us, right” His trembling voice was torn into pieces by the strong winds.

All of a sudden, Shen Yanxiaos heart tightened.

“Its all because of me that everyone died, isnt it If it werent for me, my mother and those companions of mine, they wouldnt have died, right…” The suppressed voice entered Shen Yanxiaos ears along with the restrained crying.

The little golden dragons shoulders trembled violently and crystal clear tears rolled down his eyes and flew away with the wind.

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