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The dragons looked at the human girl in surprise.

“Are you really going” The gentle golden dragon was worried.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, “Long Shi saved my fathers life, so I must save him.”

The dragons were surprised.

A human had the courage to face the undead army, but they could only stand by and do nothing.

Shen Yanxiaos actions formed a sharp contrast with their choices and this made the proud dragons feel ashamed.

She left as soon as she said that.

Shen Yanxiao did not say much to the dragons.

She called for Qian Yuan, summoned Vermilion Bird, and led Yang Xi and the others to the scene of the incident.

When Vermilion Bird disappeared into the horizon, the dragons in the valley remained silent.

“They actually want a human to save our kind…” Someone sighed.

The few eight-winged golden dragons who were still acting arrogantly and eloquently earlier lowered their heads silently.

No matter how logical their reason was, the fact was that they had chosen to abandon their kind.

The dragons were silent, but Shen Yanxiao and the others were on their way to a new battlefield.

Not far away from the North, flames surged and dragon roars pierced through the sky.

The strong smell of blood and death filled the air.

A huge silver dragon was fighting against three bone dragons in mid-air.

The silver light that shot out from its mouth smashed one of the bone dragons that attempted to approach it into pieces.

The powder from the shattered bones scattered in the air and flew past the six glistening dragon wings.

The most powerful six-winged silver dragon in the history of the Hidden Dragon Continent was also the only powerful silver dragon that had caused numerous eight-winged golden dragons to submit to him.

Despite being besieged by several bone dragons, he did not fall into a disadvantage at all.

His silver dragon scales glistened under the sunlight!

“Damn it! There are only three dragons on the other side, and two of them are sky dragons.

We have exhausted dozens of bone dragons, but we still have yet to take them down!” An undead in a black cloak glared at Long Shi who was massacring bone dragons in the sky with hatred.

Unlike those low-level undeads, this one had a green glint in his eyes.

He was a rarely seen high-level undead, and he held a staff made of grey bones in his hands.

With this staff, he could resurrect the dead into undeads.

During the process of killing the resistance, he had resurrected countless opponents and reduced them to his slaves.

However, he had now encountered an opponent that gave him the biggest headache.

When they first met, there were only four dragons.

There was only one six-winged silver dragon, one four-winged red dragon and two sky dragons.

They thought they could easily obtain the spoils of war, but they did not expect to encounter the overlord among silver dragons!

The battle continued for an entire day and night.

The number of bone dragons under his command continued to decrease, but the opponent did not suffer any losses.

They managed to severely injure a red dragon with great difficulty, but in the end, Long Shi covered for him to escape.

“Lord Hall, we have sent a signal to the other undeads.

I believe they will rush here soon.

Long Shi has been fighting for so long, and his physical strength has declined.

We can certainly take him down.” A low-level undead stood by the high-level undeads side in fear and spoke humbly.

“You must kill Long Shi.

I will use his corpse as my most loyal servant!” Hall snorted.

Long Shis strength shocked him, but he was also filled with expectations.

If he could subdue this silver dragon overlord, then his position among the undeads would definitely rise.

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