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Chapter 1758 Help (3)

“I dont want to die in the hands of these undeads.” Wen Ya naturally knew the current situation.

She was not afraid of death, but they were humans and could not choose to self-destruct like dragons.

Once they died, their bodies would be resurrected by the undeads and they would become puppets.

The man said, “If Xiaoer were to see that his parents are undeads, she would probably be very disappointed.”

Wen Ya bit her lips and said nothing else.

She could only ensure her survival by continuously attacking.

However, wave after wave of undeads were summoned to join the battlefield.

They were completely surrounded by undeads with no way out.

Hall revealed a sinister smile as he looked at the battlefield.

Be it Long Shi or those two humans, he would make them his most loyal puppets.

It was Halls pleasure to turn his former opponent into a dog by his side.

However, a cry suddenly sounded in the air and shattered Halls fantasy.

A ball of scarlet flames dashed into the chaotic sky like lightning and tore a crack in the encirclement of the bone dragons.

“Whats going on” Hall looked at the huge flame in the sky in surprise.

Before he could react, several figures descended from the sky and killed their way into the undeads on the ground.

“Its not a good idea to bully others with numbers.

Why dont you bring us along” With a teasing smile, Shen Yanxiao stepped on the head of an undead and slightly raised her chin as she looked at Hall.

“Who are you” Hall looked at the human girl in shock.

Since when did the Hidden Dragon Continent have so many humans

A handsome young man stood leisurely by the young ladys side.

There was also an adorable little boy with black hair who was currently sizing up the dense crowd of undead.

A trace of saliva could be seen on the corner of his mouth.

“I am an undead killer.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

“Master, these… can I eat them” Glowing with green light, Taotie pulled Shen Yanxiaos clothes.

Ever since Taotie ate an undead during his last hunt, he had fallen in love with this deliciousfood.

Crunch, crunch, crunchy little crispy bones! It could not be more delicious!


With Shen Yanxiaos command, Taotie immediately transformed into a huge beast among the undead.

In an instant, his huge body crushed hundreds of undead into dregs.

“Azure Dragon, go ahead.” Yang Xi waved his arm and a ray of azure light shot towards the sky.

The huge azure dragon revealed itself in the sky and immediately joined the battlefield.

Vermilion Bird and Azure Dragons participation greatly reduced Long Shis burden.

He looked at the reinforcements that suddenly appeared in surprise.

He could not figure out where these two mythical beasts came from.

On the ground, Taotie got on his four limbs and chased after the undeads to gnaw on them.

He was as happy as a puppy that had fallen into a pile of bones.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi wanted to show off their skills, but they did not have the chance.

Shen Yanxiao wanted to shoot a few undead to warm herself up, but before she could take out her bow, Taotie swallowed her target into his mouth.

Crunch, crunch, crunch…


So chewy!

Bang! Bite! Crunch!

These puny undeads had become delicious food in front of Taotie in an instant.

No need to mention resisting, they hated their parents for not having two more legs to run faster.


They had never seen a magical beast that ate undead as snacks!

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