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Chapter 1762 Dragon Kings Decree (3)

“As far as I know, those dragons are more stubborn than a rock.

Its basically impossible for you to convince them.” After Shen Yu was rescued by Long Shi, he had been living in the North, and he had a pretty good understanding of those dragons personalities.

Once they made up their mind, not even ten cows could change it.

“They have become birds startled by the mere twang of a bow.

When the red dragon went to seek help, I did not have any hopes.

When I saw that only you had come, it further confirmed my guess.

Those dragons would not care about the little golden dragons life or death.

Instead of wasting time persuading them, why dont you think of other methods”

Long Shi and Shen Yus words made everyone fall into deep thought.

The current situation was tricky.

Even though Shen Yanxiao could have Xiu help the little golden dragon suppress the devil energy, as long as the demonic energy did not disperse, the little golden dragon would forever be a young dragon and he would never become a real eight-winged golden dragon.

In such a state, he was incapable of avenging his fallen comrade.

“Perhaps there are other methods.” After a moment of silence, Qian Yuan raised his head with some struggle.

“The god of the Dragon race is the Dragon God.

Before the Dragon God was selected by the Lord God, he was once an eight-winged golden dragon of the Dragon race, and he was also the strongest.

Even the Dragon Emperor at his peak could not compare to him.

When the Dragon God was still in the Hidden Dragon Continent, he possessed a Dragon Kings Decree.

The moment the Dragon Kings Decree was released, tens of thousands of dragons bowed their heads in submission.

It wasnt until the Dragon God ascended the altar that the Dragon Kings Decree disappeared without a trace.

It was said that the Dragon Kings Decree was still left somewhere in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

If we can find the Dragon Kings Decree, perhaps we can use it to command the dragons in the North.”

Once the Dragon Kings Decree was issued, all dragons would submit to it.

This was the supreme symbol of power of the Dragon race.

Countless eight-winged golden dragons had been searching for the whereabouts of the Dragon Kings Decree for tens of thousands of years in an attempt to ascend to the position of the Dragon King.

“Dragon Kings Decree I have heard of it.

It is said that when the Dragon God became a god, he had sealed a portion of his power in the Dragon Kings Decree.

Obtaining the Dragon Kings Decree would not only allow him to command the Dragon race, but he could also inherit the Dragon Gods power.” Shen Yu had a good understanding of the dragon race.

Qian Yuan nodded.

“There are also rumors that the Dragon God had made thorough preparations on the day he became a god.

What he sealed in the Dragon Kings Decree was not ordinary strength, but his will.

After the Dragon God dies in battle, all his strength will return to the Dragon Kings Decree.

It can be said that once someone obtains the Dragon Kings Decree, he can become another Dragon God that has yet to become a god.”

The Dragon Kings Decree was filled with temptation for the dragons.

Its powerful strength and its domineering presence had caused the dragons to go crazy.


Until now, the dragons had yet to locate the Dragon Kings Decree.

“My king once obtained a map of the Dragon Kings Decree, but he could not fulfill his wish even after searching for a long time.

When he left the Hidden Dragon Continent, that map had also remained by His Highness Long Miaos side.

But when His Highness Long Miao died in battle, that map had fallen into Long Yans hands.

During this period of time, Long Yan has been constantly searching for the whereabouts of the Dragon Kings Decree.” Long Shi frowned.

“However, the Dragon Kings Decree is too hard to find.

How are we to obtain it Not to mention how difficult it is to find the Dragon Kings Decree, the only clue is in Long Yans hands.

We are unable to obtain that map at all.”

“You can let me give it a try,” Shen Yanxiao suddenly said.

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