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Chapter 1770 Discrimination (3)

The dragons wanted to say more, but they did not have the chance to speak.

With a cold expression, Long Shi rudely chased them out.

The dragons who choked back Long Shis words could only leave with ashen expressions.

“I dont think thats a good idea.” Yang Xi could not help but worry when he saw that Long Shi had fallen out with the Dragon race for their sake.

Long Shi shook his head.

“Long Shi has already fallen out with them.

Before you came, those dragons tried to get Long Shi to chase us out.

Fortunately, Long Shi ignored them.” Shen Yu, who was accustomed to such things, shrugged his shoulders.

He knew very well how unpopular humans were in the eyes of dragons.

Yang Xi was surprised.

After coming to the Hidden Dragon Continent, he had seen too many things that were different from his imagination.

The image of the Dragon race had undergone a subtle change in his mind.

Seemingly having sensed Yang Xis sadness, Shen Yanxiao put down the map in her hand and said.

“Be it humans or dragons, they are all people with heart.

They can tell who is good to them.

Uncle Long Shis actions might seem too heartless to outsiders, but theres nothing wrong with it.

Right now, the dragons have lost their fighting spirit because of Long Yans suppression.

If Uncle Long Shi were to submit to them, then what awaits them is only destruction.”

Shen Yanxiao did not have any racial bias.

In her heart, there were only those who treated her well and those who treated her badly.

For those who treated her well, she could get along with them even if they were from the Devil race.

For those who treated her badly, even if they were blood-related to her, she would still fight against them.

For example… Shen Jiayi.

“Now that the Dragon race has become like this, even if we obtain the Dragon Kings Decree…” Yang Xi sighed.

Somehow, he felt that it was difficult to make the dDagon race pull themselves together.

“We have to try.” Shen Yanxiao was not that pessimistic.

The dragons in the North did not dare to fight because they were frustrated by Long Yans undead army and that there was no supreme expert to lead them to fight back.

Be it humans or dragons, in the face of adversity, they would always need a leader to take the lead and lead others to attack.

Right now, the Dragon race lacked such a leader.

The difference in the strength among dragons was not that large.

Therefore, it was extremely difficult for one leader to suppress the population.

According to Long Shi, the only eight-winged golden dragon that could stand at the peak of the Hidden Dragon Continent was the Dragon Emperor.

If the Dragon Emperor were still here, he might be able to lead the dragons to resist Long Yan and the undeads.

However, the Dragon Emperor was already dead and the remaining eight-winged golden dragons did not have the ability to surpass dragons of the same level.

Even though Long Shi was very strong, his strength was measured according to the average strength of six-winged silver dragons.

Even if he could fight against the eight-winged golden dragon, it would at most be a draw.

It was impossible to make all the eight-winged golden dragons submit to him.

Furthermore, allowing a six-winged silver dragon to rule the entire race was simply a great humiliation for the eight-winged golden dragons.

The eight-winged golden dragons would never accept such a thing.

Right now, Shen Yanxiao pinned all her hopes on the little golden dragon.

If she obtained the Dragon Kings Decree, she could order those golden dragons to transfer their blood to the little golden dragon.

After that, the little golden dragon would no longer be suppressed by the devil energy in his body.

Coupled with the power of the Dragon God in the Dragon Kings Decree, Shen Yanxiao was confident that she could make the little golden dragon an eight-winged golden dragon that was as outstanding as his father.

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