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Chapter 1774 I Am an Undead (4)

Along the way, the undeads were quite idle.

The central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent had been completely occupied by Long Yan and the undeads, so they were not worried about a sudden attack from the dragons.

As they continued on their travels, the undeads were thinking how they could have a good rest after returning to their encampment.

But there were many things that could make one speechless.

Just as the undeads were going back to their base, two huge figures suddenly appeared in front of them.

A pitch-black earth dragon crawled on the ground and a red dragon soaring above its head.

Its pair of scarlet dragon wings appeared mighty and domineering.

When Zela saw the two dragons, he was stunned.

“Why are there dragons here”

It was not that Zelas reaction was exaggerated, but the entire central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent had been swept by the undead hundreds of times.

Other than the group of dragons that followed Long Yan, not to mention the dragons, there was not even a single dragon scale.

However, two dragons suddenly appeared in front of them, which surprised Zela.

After the initial shock, Zelas eyes sparkled with excitement.

It was not difficult for their thousand-man team to deal with an earth dragon and a red dragon.

They had searched for more than a month in other regions of the Hidden Dragon Continent, but they had not seen a single four-winged red dragon.

They had either captured earth dragons or sky dragons.

Although there were many of them, their fighting strength was not satisfactory.

Zela had always been regretful that he did not manage to capture a high-level dragon, but he did not expect that a four-winged red dragon would come knocking on his door on his way back!

He was thrilled.

That earth dragon was dispensable, but that red dragon was like a gold coin that fell from the sky.

Zela was over the moon.

“Quick! Catch that red dragon!” Zela rubbed his hands eagerly, wishing he could immediately pounce over and pull the red dragon down.

High-level dragons had high IQ and rarely would there be an idiot who would seek death.

Zela was convinced that their Ancestor of the Undeads was protecting him since he could see the four-winged red dragon in the central region.

A group of undead grabbed their weapons and pounced on the two dragons with hungry looks in their eyes.

As for the two dragons that suddenly appeared, it was as if they did not notice the impending danger and remained rooted on the spot.

The earth dragon lazily lay on the ground and raised its eyelids.

Looking at the large wave of undeads charging towards it, it did not even bother to move its claws and blink its eyes.

The earth dragon shook its huge tail without any sense of crisis and shook its head.

It lowered its head and looked at the pair of dragon claws in front of it while its eyes were filled with curiosity.

Evidently, the incoming undeads were not as attractive as its claws.

In the sky, the four-winged red dragon had a strange expression on its face.

It did not look at the group of undeads who were trying to capture it.

Instead, it looked at a certain tree with a strange expression.

That gaze was as bitter as it could be.

If one were to look closely, they would notice that only two of the four dragon wings on the back of the four-winged red dragon were fluttering while the other pair of wings were folded up and stuck to the two sides of its abdomen.

If not for its eye-catching red scales, the undead would have thought that they were looking at a two-winged sky dragon.

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