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Chapter 1777 Can You Act Like A Dragon A Bit (3)

The one on the ground caused the undead to break down collectively and their hands turned numb from the beating.

However, the one in the sky was extremely relaxed as it did not even spare the undead a glance.

Zela felt like vomiting blood when he saw his subordinates mindlessly massaging the earth dragon.

Moreover, from time to time, the earth dragon would open its mouth and devour a few of them.

The earth dragon was like a stubborn bull that would not respond no matter how much they hit it.

Not only did they fail to injure it, but they had also lost hundreds of undeads.

This was basically a losing deal.

Zela gnashed his teeth as he waited for that earth dragon.

He took a deep breath and forcefully swallowed the mouthful of blood that surged up his throat.

“Go… go and capture that four-winged red dragon for me.

That earth dragon… lets not care about it for now…” Zela used a lot of his will power to prevent himself from dying from anger.

He had sacrificed so many of his subordinates for that earth dragon.

He had suffered a huge loss.

This was a f*cking earth dragon, too think he was lazy to even catch such a thing in the past!

After witnessing the abnormality of the earth dragon, Zela could only lock onto the four-winged red dragon that was leisurely hovering in mid-air.

In any case, it was a high-level dragon.

It would not be a loss even if he sacrificed more.


Zela narrowed his eyes and looked at the two wings of the four-winged red dragon stuck to his abdomen.

He believed that the unfurled pair of dragon wings must have been injured.

Otherwise, it would not have been carefully folded up.

Even though the four-winged red dragon was the lowest ranked among the high-level dragons, it was hard to find one in the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

An injured four-winged red dragons fighting strength would be greatly reduced, so logically it should not take much effort to capture it.

His dreams were perfect, but the reality was harsh.

As it turned out, Zela once again suffered a tragedy.

Just as the undeads were prepared to abandon their attack on the earth dragon and turn to attack the four-winged red dragon in the sky, the red dragon that looked like it was sleeping in the air suddenly exploded.

Its pair of dragon wings suddenly expanded to its largest size and head-sized fireballs shot out from its wings in a strange manner.

The dense rain of fire instantly smashed the undeads on the ground into pieces.

Zelas expression could only be described as horrified.

“Whats with that red dragon!” Zela gasped.

He had caught a four-winged red dragon before and even though its attack power was much stronger than normal sky dragons and earth dragons, it was not that exaggerated, right


The red dragons fire-elemental spells were mostly shot out from its mouth.

Even though its wings also had a certain degree of fire power, most of it was mixed with a gale of fire.

This was the first time he had seen a red dragon condensing fire elements into fire bullets and shooting them down.

Even though the fireballs were not as large as the dragons mouth, it was not small.

Coupled with the large quantity, that wave of attack was definitely a nightmare!

The earth dragon on the ground did not stop devouring the undeads.

Instead, it focused its attention on those undeads that were covered in flames.

The texture of these burnt undeads was simply beautiful.

Under the stimulation of the delicious food, the earth dragon ran around and bit more and more undeads.

In the sky, the raging red dragon desperately released a rain of fire.

The majority of the undeads below were low-level undeads and their regenerative ability was limited.

They would be burnt to ashes sooner or later if they were surrounded by flames.

For a moment, this entire group of undeads wailed incessantly.

The undeads who had lost their helmets and armor crawled all over the ground under the pursuit of the fire and earth dragon.

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