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Chapter 1778 Can You Act Like A Dragon A Bit (4)

Zela wanted to cry.

It was the first time he had encountered such a situation after capturing dragons for more than a thousand years.

What was even more tragic was that their opponents were an earth dragon and an injured red dragon.

In the end, their team of more than a thousand undead were beaten up.

Oh no!

Other than the word miserable, Zela could not think of any other words to describe the current situation.

Seeing his men getting beaten up to the extent they were looking for their teeth on the ground, Zelas last bit of courage to fight disappeared like smoke and his hand that held the reins trembled.

Even though he was a high-level undead, he was trash among the high-level ones.

If he were to fight against these two insane dragons, he would be courting death.

The two dragons seemed to have sensed something.

All of a sudden, they let out a roar that did not resemble a dragons roar.

Their previous lazy attitude disappeared, and they became excited as if they had been injected with chicken blood.

They took a step forward and flapped their dragon wings as they dashed toward the undeads.

What was with these two dragons!

The undeads wanted to die.

Just a moment ago, the two dragons slacking off was already enough to make them wish they were dead.

Now, the two of them were suddenly so excited as they chased them all the way and attacked them.

How were they supposed to live

Seeing that the two crazy dragons were about to pounce on his phalanx, Zelas pale complexion turned even uglier.

“Retreat!” Zela screamed at the top of his lungs.

Without turning back, he pulled the reins and whipped the horse desperately.

He wished he could grow wings and fly away from this place.

He did not want to be food for the earth dragon, nor did he want to be roasted into jerky by the red dragon!

Zelas roar made the undeads even crazier.

How could they possibly care about resisting All of them used their hands and feet to escape at lightning speed.

In the blink of an eye, all the undeads in front of the two dragons disappeared without a trace.

Only the dozens of wooden carriages carrying the dragons remained in place.

The imprisoned dragons widened their eyes as they looked at their two “unconventional” peers.

Their eyes were filled with shock and excitement.

The scene of the earth dragon and the red dragon unilaterally beating up the undeads had been deeply imprinted in their souls.

When they saw the invaders driven away, they finally realized that the two dragons had saved them.

Even though the two dragons acted unconventionally and their cries were not pleasant to listen to.

However, it did not stop them from expressing their appreciation and admiration with their eyes.

“Tsk tsk, this is too much.” With a teasing laugh, a petite figure suddenly jumped down from a tree.

Shen Yanxiao strutted to the wooden carriage and looked at the battlefield.

Due to a certain foodie, other than some charred marks on the ground, there was not a single corpse of an undead.

The imprisoned dragons looked at the female undead that suddenly appeared in horror.

However, they found it strange that the little undead in front of them did not possess any unique aura of death.

If they had not seen her standing before them with their own eyes, they would not have sensed her aura.

But no matter what, the other partys face that was filled with the characteristics of an undead still made these dragons flustered.

They looked at the two of them for help, but they did not seem to intend to attack the undead.

Shen Yanxiao slowly walked to a wooden carriage and nimbly climbed into it.

She could clearly sense that the dragons in the cage were shivering.

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