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Qi Xia chuckled softly.

“I didnt say it wasnt.”

Could someone please tell her why a small organization created solely for one to kill time would need to do something so extra like concealing their strength Shen Yanxiao cursed internally, but she did not continue with that topic.

Qi Xia had accidentally averted a disaster for her, and she was happy about it.

However, she did feel weird about Ling Yues line of questions in the tent.

Caution was the parent of safety.

Shen Yanxiao decided to lay low for the time being and only to make plans after a few days of observation.

As a thief goddess, the skills and abilities to make the right call and judgment were very important.

More importantly, one would have a cautious mentality to make observations down to the smallest details.

Otherwise, she would never have the opportunity to sit steadily in the top position in the organization.

“Your timing is impeccable.

We have not had a good meal for the past few days.

I shall call for the others so that we can have a sumptuous feast together,” Qi Xia arranged his clothing and smiled as he said that.

“Tang Nazhi just fell asleep.” Shen Yanxiao suspected that Yang Xi and Yan Yu had gone to rest as well.

Yan Yus condition did not seem well, and he looked exhausted since they were constantly on the move for the past seven days.

“Then forget about him.” Qi Xia, who did not seem to care much about his comrade-in-arms, had directly kicked Tang Nazhi out from his plans.

Coincidentally, Shen Yanxiao was hungry, and so she left the tent with Qi Xia.

Their appearance at the encampment immediately started a wave of discussions.

“Did you see that That trash, Shen Jue, is riding on someone elses coattails.


Shameless bastard, he is already fawning over Qi Xia the moment he returned to the encampment.”

“This is called having a far sight.

He knows that he is not capable, so he would have to go and find a few coattails to ride on.”

“It is just as well that Qi Xia has the thickest coattails.”

“Are you kidding me Our Yang Xi does not lack either.

However, Yang Xi has an arrogant natural disposition, and so he does not pay any attention to such trash, just because they fawn over him.”

“Woah, do you think that our Yan Yu is invisible One of him is enough to replace two of you.”

“Just based on priests like you, do you think…”

“Knights are…”

“Magi are the way of the king…”

A series of argument eventually evolved into a three-way discussion between the divisions to determine which top student had thelargest coattails… The encampment only managed to enjoy a brief moment of calmness before it became a boiling hub again.

The students from the Archer, the Swordsman, and the Herbalist Divisions could only watch the fiery discussion from across the river.

However, that did not stop them from despising Shen Yanxiaos method of riding coattails.

A few students from the Herbalist Division brushed past Shen Yanxiao with deliberate snorts.

The results from their test would affect their class allocation.

Even the students from the Herbalist Division who had no fighting capabilities wished that they could rely on their teammates strength to climb the ladder of success.

Unfortunately, they did not have Shen Yanxiaos good luck.

It was considered good if they managed to get a few badges for themselves.

They could only grind their teeth in anger when they thought about Shen Yanxiao and the many badges that she had.

Shen Jue was just a first-year student, so what kind of luck did he get to be able to build connections with the young masters of the five great aristocratic families If he did not ride on anyones coattails., then he would have been eliminated very early into the test.

“Shameless.” A student from the Herbalist Division softly whispered as he walked past her.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and her fingers slightly moved.

Immediately after that, she relaxed.

It was never too late for revenge.

Those unruly kids had better watch out.

Sooner or later she would steal all of their undergarments, and she would openly display them in the Saint Laurent Academy.

Shen Yanxiao breathed calmly and took no further action.

She followed Qi Xia as they continued to walk until they were out of everyones line of sight.

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