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Chapter 1782 Can You Act Like A Dragon A Bit (8)

Someone that could make all these high-level undeads so fearful must be the highest-level expert sent to the Hidden Dragon Continent to cooperate with Long Yan, the commander-in-chief of the undead army, General Sal.

Among the undeads, there was a strict division of ranks.

High-level undeads were naturally born in the world of the undead.

They possessed the strongest death aura and could resurrect the dead and turn them into undead creatures.

Majority of low-level undeads were resurrected by these high-level undeads using resurrection curses.

Their death aura was not strong, and as they were resurrected after their death, low-level undeads were quite slow-witted.

For undeads, high-level undead were the only purebred undeads.

As for the low and intermediate-level undead, they were merely appendages that they had extended.

The true core of the undead race was the high-level undeads.

Sal was a high-level undead and his death aura was very strong among his level.

Undead creatures that he resurrected would often be more powerful than other high-level undead.

He was directly under the jurisdiction of the Lord of the Undead and controlled an army of millions of undeads.

This time, the undeads cooperated with Long Yan and dispatched a million undead army.

All the undeads in the Hidden Dragon Continent listened to Sals orders.

In the face of Sals fury, the high-level undeads broke out in cold sweat.

“We dont know where those two mutant dragons came from…” One of the high-level undead spoke in a trembling voice.

“You dont know” Sal snorted.

Zela knelt on one side and felt chills all over his body.

He was the first high-level undead to encounter the two mutant dragons and the news about them had also spread out from his mouth.

At first, he only wanted to snatch credit, but he did not expect the two mutant dragons to bring them so much trouble.

A large number of undeads had already died, and many of the teams transporting carriages of dragons had been attacked, causing them to lose more than a hundred dragons.

What was even more depressing was that they were still unable to determine the whereabouts of those two mutant dragons and the number of undeads under their command was continuously decreasing.

This situation had directly alerted Sal, the commander-in-chief of the undead army in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Sal gathered all the high-level undead and fiercely lectured them.

“Then… those two mutant dragons seem to be deliberately opposing us.

They would always attack at the right time and run away after the fight.

We… We really cant capture them.” Zela secretly wiped his cold sweat and carefully explained.

Sal narrowed his eyes.

Even in terms of human aesthetic standards, Sal was considered very handsome.

However, there was a trace of creepiness in his handsomeness.

His grayish-white skin made people feel very terrified.

“Oppose us Tell me, other than those dragons under Long Yan, which dragon in the Hidden Dragon Continent would not oppose us” Sal sneered.

Zela swallowed his saliva and kept silent.

“This incident is simply a farce.

We have lost nearly twenty thousand soldiers, but we have yet to capture those two dragons.

You are a group of good-for-nothings! Now, listen up You dont have to interfere with those two mutant dragons any longer.” Sal frowned.

They had wasted too much energy on those two dragons.

Not only was it consuming their strength, but it was also delaying their plans.

“General Sal, Lord Long Yan requests an audience!” An undead guard suddenly came to report.

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