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Chapter 1783 Hypocrite Cooperation (1)

Just as he finished speaking, a tall man in golden robes walked in.

He had an extremely handsome appearance and his pair of light golden eyes carried a sinister glint that made people uncomfortable.

The appearance of eight-winged golden dragons had always been extremely outstanding.

Coupled with a tall and strong physique, he was just like a god of war.

However, the sinister glint between his brows ruined his resolute image, which would indirectly cause people to be on guard against him.

“Long Yan.” Sal stood up.

The relationship between the undeads and Long Yan had always been close, and the corresponding etiquette could not be lacking.

Long Yan slightly nodded and with a superior posture, he swept a glance at the high-level undeads kneeling before him and a trace of disdain flashed past his eyes.

Even though he colluded with undeads, he was still a proud dragon deep down.

For his plans, he had no choice but to cooperate with them, but that did not mean he would see them in a new light.

“I heard that you have encountered some trouble.” Long Yan arrogantly sat on a chair and raised his eyebrows as he looked at Sal who had a taut expression.

Sal said, “Its not much trouble.

Its just two mutant dragons.

But Im curious.

There are still dragons among you that can fight above their level I thought only Long Shi was capable of doing this in the entire Dragon race.

It seems like we have underestimated the Dragon race.” Long Shi was a six-winged silver dragon, but he could contend against an eight-winged golden dragon.

He had always been a legend in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Long Yan sneered and said, “So what if he is Long Shi Even if he has the strength to contend against an eight-winged golden dragon, he is merely a silver dragon in the end.

A silver dragon is a silver dragon and he will never become a real golden dragon.

He can only crawl under the feet of the golden dragon.”

Long Shi had always been a thorn in Long Yans heart.

As Long Huangs younger brother, he had been in contact with Long Shi before he left the territory.

It had to be said that Long Shis strength was enough to intimidate many eight-winged golden dragons.

Long Yan and Long Shi had sparred many times which all ended up in a draw.

However, for an eight-winged golden dragon, a draw against a six-winged silver dragon represented his loss.

How could Sal not know Long Yans thoughts He merely wanted to find out some secrets about the Dragon race from Long Yan.

Even though they were in a cooperative relationship, they did not share many important secrets.

It was just like how Long Yan obtained the map of the Dragon Kings Decree after he occupied the territory of the Dragon Emperor.

However, no dragon or undead had seen what the map looked like other than him.

Long Yan did not trust anyone, and he would never mention the Dragon Kings Decree in front of any undead.

Sal naturally would not ask for a rebuff.

Long Yan wanted to use the Dragon Kings Decree to dominate the entire Hidden Dragon Continent, and that had nothing to do with them.

What they wanted was the corpses of the dead dragons to build their own bone dragon army.

Both of them benefited from each others needs.

It could be considered as a harmonious relationship.

“However, Ive never heard of the two dragons you encountered.

No matter how powerful they are, they are only at the level of an earth dragon and a red dragon.

Even Long Shi cannot compete with a powerful golden dragon.

Those two dragons are nothing.” Long Yan said rather arrogantly.

The undeads had suffered losses in the hands of those two dragons.

In his opinion, it was because the undeads were too weak that they were defeated by a mere earth dragon and a worthless red dragon.

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