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The powerful Dragon race would cause him a headache if they were his opponent.

However, if they were to become his slaves, it would be a nightmare for his opponent.

Sal would naturally be happy if Long Yan could subdue those two dragons.

“Dont tell me youre here today for those two dragons” Sal looked at Long Yan.

He had not been in frequent contact with Long Yan, and it was impossible that Long Yan had come here just for the two mutant dragons.

Long Yan calmed himself down and took a deep breath.

“I want you to send more undeads to attack the North.”

“What” Sal was stunned.

The northern region was occupied by the other dragons of the continent.

Their continuous expansion of their territory had forced those dragons into the northern region.

Even though the northern region was only one-fifth of the territory of the Hidden Dragon Continent, the dragons there were densely populated.

It could be said that eighty percent of the dragons in the continent were hiding there.

Long Yan suddenly wanted them to attack the North That was too much.

“I have already sent people to search everywhere, but they are still unable to locate that little bastard.

I believe he must have escaped to the North.

I want you to attack the North not for those dragons, but to capture that little bastard.” A trace of ruthlessness flashed past Long Yans eyes.

The little golden dragon was his brothers only bloodline.

After he occupied Long Huangs territory and forced Long Miao to her death, he had never stopped his pursuit of the little golden dragon.

However, not long ago, he suddenly lost track of the little golden dragon and that made him feel uneasy.

Sal frowned.

The undeads had resurrected many bone dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent, but the number of dragons in the north was still very large.

If they were to fight, the bone dragons in his hands would be reduced greatly.

“Didnt my lord give you the magical weapon Why cant we find the little golden dragon” Sal was not willing to attack the north at this moment.

The magical weapon could lock onto devil energy, and Long Yan had been using this method to locate the little golden dragon.

“Ive said it before, the magical weapon can no longer locate that little bastard.

I have to find him as soon as possible and kill him.

Only then can I feel at ease.” Long Yan was deeply fearful of his brothers only bloodline.

Long Yan could only look up to Long Huangs strength.

If he had not received the news that the Dragon Emperor had died in the Brilliance Continent, he would not have dared to join hands with the undeads to rebel.

“Why are you so persistent That little golden dragon is congenitally deficient and he has suffered from a large amount of devil energy from his mothers body.

Even if you dont kill him, it is impossible for him to grow into an eight-winged golden dragon.

Why do you have to mobilize everyone for that piece of trash Even though the dragons in the North are fearful of us, if we force them into a dead end, we might end up in a fight to the death.” Sal tried his best to persuade Long Yan.

However, Long Yans attitude was very firm.

“No! I will not be at ease until I see that bastards corpse.

Sal, I know your concerns.

I promise you that as long as we can successfully take down the northern region, I will send all the eight-winged golden dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent with the exception of me to you.

I will let you form a powerful eight-winged bone dragon team, and I will offer them to you with both hands, including Long Shi.” In order to eliminate the little golden dragon, Long Yan resorted to every means possible.

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